August 11th, 2004

disco star

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so, since i've been getting complaints that i havent' updated this thing, i supposed i can schlupp something down here for your reading pleasure. well maybe not pleasure, because what i have to say may offend you. maybe you'll be tickled pink and find it amusing? maybe you think my breath smells.. possibly you don't like my font.

okay, i'm rambling.. i had so very little sleep last night, and while i'm all for the ethical treatment of aminals and all, i wanted so very badly to crawl through my window, out into the gigantic hawthorne tree outside, and strangle the HELL out of that squawking bird. you'll find it hard to sing for a mate, buddy, with a broken trachea.

my wisdom tooth seems to be angry at me. this is day 4 of a throbbing, evil pain on the left bottom side of my mouth. it was at first accompanied by an odd canker sore on the other side of my mouth, which made my mouth a very unhappy place to be. that evil thing is gone, just leaving the evil throbby ness that is my left lower wisdom tooth of DOOM. doomy doom, even. so i apologize to those around me RL if i've been bitchy. at least i had two of those days off work.

what the HELL is up with this 100 degree weather?!?!? um, i thought that was a perk of moving AWAY from arizona? (located approximately 5 miles from the center of the sun, i'll have you know.) we need to invest in a fan, and i desperately need a car. i may have a truck in the works, an old dodgewhatsit, from a coworker, runs, for $200. i'm not rushing her, though, as she has other things she needs to take care of (like oh, her mother being in the hospital with internal bleeding...), so whenever she has some free time... it's just days like this where the lazy wench in me SO doesn't want to walk a half hour to work out in .... THAT. maybe i'll call a cab.