August 18th, 2004

disco star

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ever crawled into bed and laid back, content on the idea of going to sleep....... and seeing a gigantic spider on the ceiling above you? you know that the ceiling is too far away for you to reach to smoosh it, and besides, you might only succeed in only brushing it off and having it land amidst your blankets, and where would you be THEN?

this very thing happened to me last night. because the brushing/smooshing on the ceiling wasn't an option, i lay there, unblinking eyes transfixed on the slowly moving spider, willing it to crawl in a specific direction (for me, i had WANTED it to crawl a little to the left, down the wall, and out the open window, but i knew this would never happen, so i was trying to will it to the opposite corner of my room than where my bed lies.

it reaches to the spot directly over my face. i will it onward. it scootches to the area just above my head.


it freaking scrambles for footing and FALLS. how in the world do spiders lose their footing?!?!? isnt' there a LAW against this? i didn't know i could move this fast, but suddenly, i was on my feet, on the other side of my bed, watching the spider finally give up and start shimmying down the rest of the way. i reach for my boxes of Christmas cards (which i SWEAR i have been planning on sending you all this year!), and SLAP them together in mid air, hoping to crush him during his descent. he curls up and drops the rest of the way, landing on a cardboard box near my nightstand.

DAMNIT! it's still alive! /cry. i crouch there on my hands and knees, watching it move in fascination, trying to decide if it's going to eventually die from my blow, or if it only served to anger it more. i was filled with visions of the spider picking up a little knife.... crawling over to my bedside... across my pillow.... up my nose.... i could almost envision the long legs sticking out of my nostril as it pushed itself in.


i couldn't crush it again, it was in an awkward place, and what if i miss? it could CRAWL UP MY ARM!!!!1!!1! after crouching awkwardly for at LEAST a half hour, arms akimbo at half push up angle, my face towards the floor, my ass in the air... i finally gave up. i kept telling myself that it would die there, that it would stay there. so i crawled back under the covers and scooted to the complete opposite side of the bed as my nightstand and began reading my book.

besides, the companions are off to save Laurana! and FIZBAN's there!

*slight subject change*

have any of you ever played RPG's so much on ps2/nintendo/whatever, that when you're reading a book and someone joins up with the main group, you automatically hear dramatic music in the background and see gigantic font pop up on the screen that you can't exit out of until the music ends that says "FIZBAN JOINS THE PARTY!!"?

maybe it's just me.