August 24th, 2004

disco star

Swimming in a Deepfreeze...

Today was Honorary Apartment Inspection Day, so last night found andrea and i frantically cleaning the house. okay, actually, it was andrea frantically cleaning the house, while i tackled the room that i sleep in. since i only go in there to change clothes and sleep, why bother cleaning it, eh? so, yeah, it still looked like i had just moved in, with boxes stacked everywhere. i even built shelves! i always feel mighty weilding a hammer :D

good news? FINALLY found my Weezer Green album and Sloan's One Chord album. Bad news? i realized that i'm STILL missing my eve6. yes, i want my teenybopper rock, damnit! *pouts* i also realized i'm missing my Gory Alice something or rather by Letters to Cleo. i never listen to it anymore, but it was sort of a mental security blanket, since i had gotten it when i first moved to phoenix, and, thusly, it's nostalgic to me.

since i had only 2 hours of sleep to work on (used to working nights only, had to work at 8 am, couldn't fall asleep until well after 3...), i caffeined the holy hell out of myself to accomplish things. and naturally took a sleep aid to go to sleep when it was time.

today, this afternoon, i feel like a bear that was hit by a tranquilizer dart. large and sluggish. i'm not having what girls term as a 'fat day' (where you feel fat and disgusting...), but ironically, i'm having a 'tall day'. i feel like i grew 5 inches in height during my sleep or something.

or could have been the platformish flip flops i wore to Safeway. but i still feel very very tall for some reason.

and the DREAMS. egads. i dreamed that i was making out with one of the Diamondbacks (yes, the baseball team) randomly, and then a spell was cast over everyone that made them think they were rich and snobby. the only ones that were able to break the spell were myself, Cameron Diaz, and Susan Sarandon. one day, we snuck into the parking lot where all the rich people lived (we, in our being not rich, were secluded to beachfront property, while the rich lounged in the parkinglots) in order to get food. i was upset and was thinking we would be caught and thusly, was arguing with myself in sign language. suddenly, a little boy was burst free of the horrible spell and came running over to me, signing in response! it was Reese, Dr. Benton from ER's deaf son! he clung to me tenaciously, and we were going to take him back with us, but dr. benton got up and cocked a gun so he could shoot the people trying to take his son. so i decided to tell reese to stay so that he could be our spy for the rich people.
disco star

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i would like to update my address book and such! if i ever get around to sending random things/cards/dead rats, and you wouldn't mind getting one, send your address to

this goes for not only those in lj, but also any non lj friends that i have lurking.

c'mon, you know you wanna.