August 28th, 2004

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remember that commercial, where the woman is blow drying her hair, and the phone is ringing, and she stops blowdrying her hair to hear if it's really the phone, but its pause in ringing is whenever she shuts it off, and as soon as she starts blowdrying her hair again, it rings?

i just had a situation with that and playing my guitar. i was actually practicing, and was hitting the final clamatic notes of "Glutton of Sympathy", and the last chord carried on a tad too long...... i paused. was that the..... DOORBELL?!?

it was. it was a lady selling the Oregonian. so i ordered it for my mommy. she likes coupons and news. and i put the billing address down as mine. i refuse to order the paper again for myself, knowing how i am with it. (faetal has grounded me from ordering it again...)

deeply immersed into Xenosaga. I'm at the part where i finally get to control Jr. for the first time. it seems to get better as i go in, more gameplay involved instead of walking two feet, watching a 20 min animated sequence, walking another two feet and killing one thing, then watching a 30 min animated sequence, and so on.

it also makes me want to get xenogears.

anyhoot. i have to get ready for work now.

*le sigh*

hopefully, tonight will be better than thursday.

my store manager is leaving. this saddens me and frightens the bejeebers out of me.

how can i forget the conversation?
such a fresh display of imagination
let run away with my lips
i nearly tripped
time to abandon ship...
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disco star

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the roommates seem to have taken MY toothbrush to the beach on accident.

i must buy one on the way to work. the little sweaters that my teeth are wearing will SO not do, and i'm certain that my coffee breath isn't the best, either.

makes me fervently hope that i have been the only one using my tooth brush all along. *tries not to dwell*

and i must stop and cash my check en route, too.

i need a time machine, damnit!

turn summer trees to bones and ice
turn insects song against the night
with words we build, and words we break
i'm drunk, drunk, drunk in the gardens and the graves.

Update: i would also like to thank the Powers That Be for giving me a surpise zit above my lip, and for somehow filling my only work shirt with FLEAS. i look like my shoulder and right arm has a rash now.

and now i don't have time to cash my check, which means i STARVE until i get home from work, and don't have money for a toothbrush. fuckity fuck fuck fuck.


i fucking hope my day gets better.
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