August 31st, 2004

disco star

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i can tell that livejournal is being a butt this afternoon. surprise, surprise.

so freaking HOT out. well, at least in direct sunlight it is. i came home on my half hour walk, came in the front door and ate the entire shake that andrea gave me yesterday. (what i had WANTED to do was smear it all over my hot face and sit in it's coldy goodness, but i refrained.) now i feel bloated from eating ice creamy stuff at the speed of light. blargh.

i was threatened at work today. during one of our biggest rushes, the alarm went off, so i had to go racing after the guy and girl to have them do the Come Back Inside and Figure Out What Set It Off Dance. they practically ignored my request, only looking over their shoulders at me and walking faster.

suddenly, Hawaiian Shirt Fella veered off and stood between the woman and me. "is there something i can HELP you with? do you have A PROBLEM?!? what are you trying to SAY??!?" i told him that i see he didn't have anything, and tried talking to the woman to get her back inside. i took a step to my left. he took a bigger step to my left, blocking the woman from me again, and invading my personal space more. He aggressively flapped his arms in annoyance. I look over his shoulder, and i see the woman grinning and waving her backpack at me. I couldn't do a damn thing, and they knew it. the whole time this happened, HSF was looking me up and down and stepping closer, asking me what my 'freaking problem was'. i finally meekly said 'nothing. have a good day.' and came back inside.

on the radio, i said that i needed to fill out an alert to fax to the other stores, that a customer had just threatened me, and that i couldn't have tackled her. i got zero response, so i continued working with my current customer, doing a delivery order. after 5 min., i call for relief again, or at least SOME acknowledgment that my feelings were deeply hurt and that i was shaken. nothing. 10 more min. goes by, and i'm still stuck on the same delivery order. i call for help again, practically in tears.


FINALLY, a half hour goes by and i finish with my customer, and Manager Tony comes up and goes 'what's the problem? what can i help you with?' *grunt*

it's a good freaking thing he didn't attack me, he could have apparantly beat me within an inch of my life and i would have had no assistance. thankfully Cashier Betty wrote down his vehicle information for the report i had to fax and turn in.

and thankfully, by this point, it was time for me to go the hell HOME.

and now i need to uh... go put a shirt on... change out of the rest of my work clothes... and play xenosaga.

p.s. Store Manager Scott's last day is the 9th. this fills me with fear. scott and i get along well enough, so i fear the change a NEW MANAGER *cue horror film suspense music here* will cause. *sigh*.