September 4th, 2004

disco star

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batman is singing on my t.v.

batman. is singing. on my t.v....

he's singing 'am i blue' to save Wonder Woman. that sounds like a wacky dream.

Sweedish Fish are my new addiction.

i'm so dreading work today. after working that double shift on Whateverthehelldayitwasday, i'm so burned out on office max. i need a couple of days off to recharge, but, alas, i only get sunday and wednesday off. i wouldn't mind having friday off to hang with the roomie and the friend that's coming in. maybe i'll call in sick. i haven't done so in MONTHS. i'm just sick of playing Return Police. of cranky person after cranky person angry about still school supply shopping. of being short handed because they had to cut hours yet again.


and speaking of jump ropes, i always had a crush on Robin (of batman and... fame). dunno why. though the older i get, the more disturbing it becomes.

i need a new sidekick to swoon over.