September 6th, 2004

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NOTE TO SELF: impromptu house parties are SO not a good idea when one has to work her company's 2nd busiest day out of the year the next morning, beginning at 9 am.

(i had originally typed 0 am, which is what it certainly FEELS like.)

i feel like dizzy death. i don't even KNOW how much i drank last night, but know that it began by three gay men and myself walking into a random bar in a chinese buffet place. (lol if that doesn't sound like a set up for a joke, i dunno what does... "three gay men and a woman walk into a bar...) i think that was around... 4ish? got a call from andrea, they were going to go get marguerita mix. we walked back from the mall in slightly drunken staggers, grabbed more beer, then came home. played a game that's similar to 20 questions, but you can be ANYTHING and you can ask as many questions as you need (i was logical things, such as Tom Servo or a Charlies Angels Lunch box, whereas andrea just HAD to be The Concept of Zero. umyeah. no one got that.)

later, after a game of hoopla (on webcam!) we marched to jess's apartment, next complex over. played with the kitten. had deep discussions. after poor andrea knocked EVERYTHING over in sight, several times, we decided it was time to go...

and i so hate life this morning.

but i want FOOOOOOD.

and a nap.
disco star

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BONUS: i got my year review. i got a 40 cent raise. i was hoping for a quarter, because i know that they hired me on at more than most people make (i've heard coworkers talk about how much they hate working at minimum wage and how the only raise they've gotten was when they raised the minimum wage. i just say 'oh?' and keep my mouth shut.)

scott must really like me.

actually, i am EXTREMELY happy i was able to talk him into doing my year review. we sat in the office and joked around about office max and coworkers in general. he said he was going to miss me (and a few of the others...) he talked about how igor tried to hug him twice since he's worked there.

his last day is thursday, when Random Guy From Oklahoma, USA will be coming in to replace him.

ANTIBONUS: i somehow hurt my back. i wasn't DOING anything, just... reached ... for something, and WHAM! NO, the pop supergroup from the 80's featuring George Michael did NOT come in to wake me before they went went, i just started having... massive... MASSIVE.. spasms. (did i mention they were MASSIVE?) i could barely breathe, it hurt so bad. i couldnt reach for anything, i couldn't lift anything, i certainly couldn't bend over. (i had a coworker look at me as if i had drooled a smurf out of my nose when i called her over frantically to hand me... a gift card, less than a foot away from my hand.) the spasm finally left, but i still felt .. tense.

eventually, the spasm returned, with a VENGEANCE. it was at the end of one of these massive spasms that i hear 'are you AUBKABOB?!?!' i instantly look up and almost say 'who ARE you?!?!?!', but it was indeed my dearest kimie! i was excited to meet her finally, though she could probably not tell, as i was practically gasping for air and acting like the little 70 page spiral notebook she was buying weighed half a ton. i also looked like doodie today, and was sufficiently hungover enough to probably get passersby drunk off of the fumes wafting off of me. but YAY! I GOT TO MEET KIMIE!

hee hee.

so after work, and after waiting for EVAR for mom's boyfriend to come pick me up, i headed to Urgent Care. by this point, i was in so much pain that i almost had to have them fill out the form FOR me, because my arm was practically jerking with shooting pains.

i discovered, after a 3 hour visit, that you can basically go into Urgent Care and say 'ow. my backy hurts.' and they say 'okay! here's a doc's note to stay out... how long did you want to camp out at home? okay, good. and have some valium.'

so i get tomorrow off of work, and get 14 valium to play with.

though i couldn't get them tonight because the stupid pharmacy was closed due to the holiday. jekrs.

so, though i know it's wrong and evil to do so, mommy gave me a percodan? whatever. it was a little yellow pill.

and i think it's taking effect.