September 7th, 2004

disco star

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back hurts. i need ... meds... STAT!

it sounds as if a) they're trying to carve a new kitchen out of the old one next door, and b) that a giant alien wasp is watching them do it from outside.

stupid yard working.

i feel.. drunk today.. or maybe stoned. i feel out of it much like i did last night, the only difference is that there's PAIN involved.

times like this i SO wish i had a boyfriend. i read somewhere that they're good for backrubs. could have been false, though. *shrug*

i'm bored today, and i hurt too much to do most things. which leaves email, everquest, or xenosaga.

or maybe a nap.
disco star

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ooh, i found a PERCOCET! leftover from my sinus surgery. don't know how effective it will be, but hey, it's all i got.

i also had a weird craving... to wear a hat.

so i find myself shuffling all over my bedroom, percocet in hand, talking to myself out loud in a thick british accent, while i peeked under things to find a hat to wear. i have a lot of them, for some unknown reason.

it's times like these that i miss having long hair. wearing a hat just isn't the same. if you put on a baseball cap, with long hair, you have the opportunity to look cutesy and sporty. with short hair, you look like a boy with boobs.

but i'm wearing it anyway.

eating an odd concoction of grilled hotdogs in mac and cheese with a tad of chicken ramen seasoning tossed in. mommy brought me food. she loves me.

my mother is odd when it comes to certain things. she will be quite selfish and vindictive, i've seen, when it comes to a lot of things....

except her children. she would hack off her right toe with a hand saw if we needed it.

although my family is fucked up on a lot of measures, i love them greatly.

my tummy doesn't feel well. and i suddenly feel like a bear that has been hit by a tranquilizer dart.

wearing a hat is an odd sensation, much like my forehead is getting constant hugs. i feel like i'm wearing swimming goggles, but they're only my own glasses. i also keep wondering what the hell it is right outside of my vision, but it's just the bill from my hat.

i think i'm stoned.

maybe someone will be online and want to chat with me.

come visit me, you can find my user names in my profile, yo.
disco star

you know your pain meds have worn off when....

you know your pain meds have worn off when:

- you feel like you climbed mt. everest from carrying down half a load of laundry.
- you make orgasmic sounds in just sitting down.
- your arm spasms as you go to take a bite of your t.v. dinner and peas go flying.

holy crap. i need drugs. or SOMEthing. i took a generic Aleve (naprosyn sodium), so i hope that at least helps.

i was fine, but a little achy until i was half way to the washer with a half load of laundry cradled in my left arm. by the time the clothes were in there, i could hardly breathe. my t.v. dinner felt like it was made of anvils.

i'm sorry for continuously whining and complaining. but GEEZ, if this is what getting old is like....?