September 9th, 2004

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Quotes of the Lately:

Meg: Chris, you're hogging all the fans in the room!
Chris: Well, you're hogging all the UGLY in the room!

Aubrey: i don't care if it has a plot, if nothing else, i'll get drunk and go!
Andrea: Aubrey? those are the kind of movies that you RENT.

i'm sniffling and sneezing and coughing today. do pain pills lower your immune system? i'll be very angry if it's not just my allergies... "umyeaaah. i know i just took some time off of work because of my back supposedly hurting, but i SWEAR i'm really sick this time!"

ever have kissing dreams with a manager at work?

and also, a VERY disturbing dream where John Ritter, clad in a pimpish white suit and with a long ponytail, was my art teacher, and he kept saying horrible things to me like 'so when are you and your brother and i going to have sex?' i would fuhreak out and tell him he's disgusting and to go the hell away. so i pushed him away and tried to find something to sing in gym karaoke. but then i had to pee REALLY bad, so i was going through the halls, trying to find the bathroom that did NOT belong to the kindergarteners. but i couldn't find it, so i went back and was thinking of singing 'Creep' by TLC.

then i woke up and realized i REALLY had to pee RL.
disco star

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i've never gotten involved in politics much at all. in fact, usually, whenever someone starts talking about it, my eyes immediately glaze over and my mind starts humming 'i can't hear you i can't hear you' to the tune of 'mary had a little lamb'.

but this election.... egads. things are getting ugly and horrific. our government, from everything i read, is threatening another terrorist attack on us, if we vote for kerry. that, to me, is a threat. that, to me, makes it sound more like a dictatorship than a democracy. 'do as we tell you, or you will be smited!'

after dealing with all of the unemployment of the last few years, of dealing with dropped sales because people can't afford to go out and shop, of hearing accusation after accusation towards other countries, after seeing country after country either come to hate us, or get in trouble for assisting us...

i just want to shake everyone and scream 'THE LAST FOUR YEARS OBVIOUSLY HAVEN'T WORKED OUT!!!! IT'S TIME TO TRY SOMETHING NEW!!!!'

i mean, the definition of insanity is 'continuing the same action and expecting a different reaction', isn't it!?

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