September 10th, 2004

disco star


so i called in sick again today. i put my ancient back into play TOO much yesterday and was a painful heap of ew by the time i got home.

my favorite quote last night, in trying to ask pattie if she wanted a piece of gum "hey, pattie-ricia, would you like a gum of piece? (peace) *looks around confusedly with her arm still outstretched with the pack of trident in the air* cooompared to my usual gum of anger?"

poor faetal was still home with her possibly broken toe. we watched in horrid drugged up fascination as throughout the day, the black on her toenail progressed further and further throughout her nail. we had a very wonderful and exciting talk about organized religion and our own spiritual beliefs.

also, pardon the 20389493287 year old responses, i finally got around to clearing out my old yahoo account, and it had some ancient responses to, uh.. responses.

i think i have a valium hangover. and it makes me dumb. more thick skulled than usual, fer sher. i couldn't think of simple words today. i mean REALLY simple. like in that episode of family guy, where the griffins get sent to the deep south and Brian and Peter are sherrifs and quite drunk:

Brian: yeeeeeah. and there's nothing to.... to..... aw, whats the word i'm thinking of... um...DO."

i'm thirsty.