September 11th, 2004

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we're watching martha stewart cooking, and her guest is Cookie Monster. when we first found it, i mentioned that she generally loses her patience VERY easily and likes to bark at humans, so how do you think she's going to do with a muppet?

not very well. hilarity ensued. especially when she was trying to put the cookies into the oven, and she had Cookie Monster practically climbing up her back to get at them. i don't think i've ever seen her so uncomfortable, or see her with so much repressed... anger. she's slurring by the end of the episode, we're convinced that she's drinking in order to cope.

yay! thanks scrumbles for sending me my grays cd and an extra added bonus! thanks muchly!

now, martha's cooking elmo. er, cooking WITH elmo.

weird dreams involving a friend i haven't heard from in awhile. second dream about him in two weeks, telling me he's depressed and going through a rough time, and i have no way of getting a hold of him. *shrug*

i so don't want to work today, but it's a short shift and i have two days off after that. HOORAY VALIUM!

not hooray for being DUMB after waking up. i swear i have valium hangovers each day.

disco star

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someone remind me to get a paid account some day. it seems like some of you people get all the fun options.

course, i don't know html from a hotpad, so i'm certain that that's part of the problem.

had a day at work. that's it. nothing ecstatic, nothing morose, though my second customer DID give me a 5 minute lecture about how evil IIIII was because the credit card machine delayed, so he thought he messed up and slid his card the wrong way and slid it again. i guess that yelling at me about the evils of technology was so much more effective than having to do a swooshing motion with his hand twice.

back hurt much less after working that much, though. this made me happy, and left me weighing pain killers this evening vs. beer. mmmmm. beeer. course, i only have two bottles of ale in the fridge. *shrug*

as my dearest wendywoowho pointed out to me in my previous post, that i had totally forgotten about, thee most hilarious thing i had ever seen involving martha stewart was when cookie monster was trying to set her up on a date with Burt in exchange for her untying him. high-larious. and when she was trying to get him off her, she kept yanking on the rope tied around his neck as if it were a noose.

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