September 12th, 2004

disco star

vomit, tea, and toast.

well, coffee, really. tea just doesn't give me that oooomph i need in order to get going.

i feel like i need to combat the overwhelming feeling that i need to vomit. i would so hate to pay $7 for a meal only to come home and throw it back up, no matter how sick it made me. i really don't want to see my hawaiian omelet again. and i'm sure the raspberry jam would discolor it and make it look bloody, anyhow.

i was excited to be out and about with friends, so i danced and i pranced, all over downtown vancouver. i even found a plausible work shirt for $1.

and now my back is quite angry at me for forgetting it was injured. and my tummy quite angry at me for mixing coffee, toast, omelet, tatoes, and prescription strength naproxyn.

disturbing dreams where my brother hid his used condoms in my lunch box. i looked EVERYWHERE for him in the dream so that i could beat him with said lunchbox. as someone pointed out, "at least he's having protected sex."

i think valium makes me have funkay dreams like that. i also remember dreaming that i was part of a video game. because it had somehow dropped me somewhere before i was big enough in levels to handle it, i was going to DIE. there were other weird things, like lava, sun roofs... i can't remember much, only little splotches of flashes of moments here and there, but none of them connect.

and because i know you are all vying for this information (ganked happily from dearest jenniffer):

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