September 13th, 2004

disco star

tonight's the night...

i think i shall have this evening be my first night of NOT taking valium, although my back still hurts. i'm quite sick of waking up feeling hungover, and.. stupider than usual. i swear, it's screwing with my mentality and with my intelligence. i can't think of how to spell simple words (case in point that i originally spelled it 'cimple'). i can't think of common words in the english language.

so i think i shall try to rely only on my naproxyn. besides, the back spasms haven't come back, which is what they gave me the valium for in the first place.

I NEED A HAIRCUT. maybe i shall do this tomorrow before work. i also need to redye my hair the red, and have faetal help me put the streaks into it. I WANT TO BE COOL! I WANT 2 B HIP!

and stuff.

other than that, nothing really to report yet today. had a MARVELOUS storm blow through, so i stood in the doorway and closed my eyes and enjoyed the scent and sound of it.... until a gust of wind soaked me.

my best way to spend a day off recently: in pajamas, making homemade sushi, sitting on the livingroom floor with one of my best friends, eating said sushi, and watching Serendipity.

i so need to catch up on my John Cusak movies. one of the defining moments in Pattie and my friendship, was when she first started working at OfficeMax, and one of us said something about John Cusak, and then we had a total girlie moment where we both flipped out and squealed with glee cuz we LUV HIM SO MUCH.

hee hee. *end teeny bopper moment*

and then she told me about all the movies of his that she owns, and i sadly said that a) i only owned Better off Dead, and that b) i hadnt' seen HALF of what she owned.

and i call myself a fan.

anyhoo. need to get more caffeine in me, and get some food in me as well, so i can take a pill. backy hurts. and i'm doing nothing but rambling, anyway.

maybe i should drop you at your door
leave tonight and vanish up the shore
anywhere but here....
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disco star

boredom post #2

stolen from macmanchad

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and you got to love washington weather: we had that massive pour with dark clouds and everything. shortly after that, the sun came out and it was amazingly bright. immediately, there was someone outside of our window mowing.

the second it stopped mowing, the sunshine went away, and it's now pouring again.

and maybe if i want to sing along to things at the top of my lungs, i should really shut the window.

i wish i could kill you, savor the sight
get into my car drive into the night
and lie as i scream to the heavens above
that i was the last one that you ever loved...