September 14th, 2004

disco star

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The Wiggles.

holy hell. remind me to SO do drugs and watch this show some time. i don't care what drug. it's like... it's like... what would happen if the old Star Trek suddenly became a jolly musical and featured Furries. they even have a (space) pirate!

oh my. i so need to turn the channel before i spit something up from laughing.

(at least, their outfits, to me, look like old fashioned starfleet uniforms... call me crazy...)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, souiless!!!

and speaking of blues clues (i was in my head...)... i love steve and all, he will always be numero uno in my heart, but where have all the Joe episodes gone? it's simultaneously on two channels at the moment, and still both of them have Steve (not that i'm complaining)... and this one has steve in SHORTS! (they're having a backyard extravaganza, of course...)