September 15th, 2004

disco star

explosions and the blucas factor

my uterus exploded yesterday. it's feeling much better today, thank you.

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so it seems like my mini fear at work is coming true: starting next week, i'm officially on days instead of closing, due to the day customer service desk people going to school (damn further education, damn!), so if i continue to get the same days off, i'll be there from 8 - 3, tuesday through friday, and 9 - 3 on sat. but Girl-I-Can't-Stand's schedule may be changing due to her getting a second job, so i might have to start working sundays again. curses. CUUUURRRSEEEES.

angry at EverQuest(tm) because ever since the new expansion went live yesterday, i cannot log on. this makes me angry.

i had one of my usual 'awkward aubrey moments' yesterday, which i will put in a friends only cut, because, well, this one is just a TAD to awkward to share with EVERYONE. but funny.

i should write a book.
disco star


sorry, that Awkward Moment Post(tm) was supposed to be posted entirely earlier today, and, in fact, i had had my finger poised over the left button to click it to post, when....


the electricity went off. immediately followed by:


it came back on. then:




i froze, my finger still hovering over the clicky button, and my left hand hovering over homerow. i held my breath and listened. and i waited.

and i waited.

finally, breathing again, i figured i would do what i normally do when there's a power outtage: i grabbed my geetar. i played Rufus for a bit, howling along with random tunes i used to play when i was a Rock Star in Training(tm). my left hand cramped up, so i set down the guitar, and ran to the bathroom before i peed myself. i flipped the switch. der, me! silly aubrey. no 'lectricity!

so i peed with the door open.

i stood in the kitchen, assessing the situation. hrm. then i marched upstairs and sat on my bed. and i sat. and i looked at the walls. and i sat. and i stared at the stuff on the floor. and i sat.

i finally realized that the electricity may not be coming on anytime soon, so i got ready for work (ever put contact lenses in by candlelight? NOT FUN.) and set off on my way (i shall note here that #1: i discovered today that we do not have a single clock that ISN'T powered by electricity, and that my watch battery is dead. #2: because of the phone plan we're on, if the electricity is off, we have no phone service.).

i ended up roaming to work, where there WAS electricity, buying new work shoes (and fluffy hello kitty laces for them), hacking my hair off yet again, eating at Quiznos, and ... that's about it.

how was YOUR day?