September 16th, 2004

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so a final fantasy vii movie is set to be released on dvd (Advent Children)... the screenshots i saw seemed fairly impressive. it takes place 2 years after the original video game.

and a final fantasy vii part 2 type thing is set to be released in 2005, with vincent valentine the main character, taking place one year after Advent Children's plot line.

*stops to drool incessantly for a moment*

please oh please oh please let it be a good game.

i also still have 6 gmail invites, in case someone hasn't hopped on the bandwagon yet. i'm still quite happy with mine and happy that i got it.

though my friggin email address is entirely longer than it used to be ;)
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are the Wiggles gay? or are they just British?

they're dancing on my t.v.... with pom poms....

well, the one in purple wasn't dancing as well, maybe he's the straight one...
disco star

you were cool as hell like email, but still timeless like a letter...


i was sitting here, listening to "freak of the week" and thinking it was such a basic powerpoppy song, with somewhat generic lyrics. but even just the intervals where they're not singing, the way that the guitar and the bass play off of each other... *swoon* simple, yet so fulfilling.

so, in order to properly bore all of you, i felt the need to post random marvy 3 lyrics.

***And now you know that I suck at this, and you suck at it too
And now we're nothing more than vampires in love....***

***Don't ask me, I just crawled in here on my hands and knees
I can't see, from the fog on my glasses and sweating to death from the heat
It's alright, I've been shit on before, I've had other doors slammed in my face
But it's cool, I'll just go back to school
And learn how to lie to you better ***

***Go and take a ride to her shop in grant park
You can walk through the door and shove the knife in her heart
When you tell her that you can't stand the song anymore
The one you two adopted on the prom dance floor
You can be a Tom Cruise and make a big scene
Or be like MacGyver and cut it clean
Either way there's gonna be blood on the floor when you tell her that you don't dig girls anymore***

***I was looking for love in all the wrong places
Giving Abraham Lincoln’s to a stripper with braces
She thinks I'm in love and I know that sucks
Cuz she's leaving with the DJ and my 25 bucks***

***Seven hours later, she takes the elevator to the 2nd floor
To the underground committee
That's where they'll decide if you'll be praised or you'll be
Tied up on the bathroom floor
As you scream for more***

***she took a light saber to my heart
and she picked my brain with a pocket knife
she said, say what's on your mind
so i said i'm kinda hungry and you ain't my type
she said i was cold as hell, but hell's not cold i know, i know
cuz i've been there for the last half hour or so***

ooh, and pnwheelpop? um uh... this thang and this other thang here are for j00!!!1!
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