September 19th, 2004

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lessons in the rain...

things i learned on my way to work two days ago:

- my eyemake up is waterproof.
- my foundation is NOT.
- wearing contacts instead of glasses when you think it might rain is a good thing.
- once the initial shock of getting immediately drenched passes, one can actually enjoy a walk to work in high winds and rain.
- once one is drenched, it makes the stomping in puddles that much more easy to get away with (and have fun with), even though you're 29 years old.
- when you have breasts as big as mine, even if you wear a thick overshirt, they will get wet.
- unfortunately, with breasts as big as mine, they will be the ONLY part of your shirt under the overshirt that will get wet, except maybe the collar.
- my length of hair is PERFECT and lays PERFECTLY for ice cold water to drip down the back of my shirt, after i've already arrived to my destination.

so, dripping and with my face MELTING, i trudged soddenly into officemax. granted, the massive downpour had stopped approximately half way to work, so i was still mostly soaken wet and looking like a messed up zombie, though it seemed that it hadn't rained at all outside of work.

but i had fun. i even had to stop from screaming at the sky "MOTHER NATURE! IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO TO ME ON MY WAY TO WORK?!?!?" but i figured that all the cars at the stop light just wouldn't understand.

and on that note, i hope all my friends in the southeast are doing well.
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movie collections i would like to own and/or fill out my list of owning:

*kevin smith movies (i need mallrats, chasing amy, and jersey girl, i even have an evening with kevin smith)
*john cusack movies (this would take awhile, all i own is better off dead)
*kenneth branagh shakespearean movies (all i own is much ado about nothing, in which keanu reeves THANKFULLY has only a small part)
*mst3k buyables (i already own too many to list here, but there's so many i don't have. and what happened to my MITCHELL!? wakkaju wakkaju wakkaju)
*wonderful childhood nostalgic cartoons from my youth (i only own The Last Unicorn, so i desperately one day would like to own secret of nimh, watership down, and a few others..)
*mel brooks movies (this would take awhile, too, because all i own is Spaceballs)

any others i'm forgetting?
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and in case you didn't know....


i hate it. i really really really one thousand percently HATE the freaking phone. i hate talking on it. i hate answering it. i hate having to make calls on the damn thing.

and the phone has rang freaking a tousand times today. grrr.