September 25th, 2004

disco star

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...tries like mad to not claw her eyes out before the claritin takes effect...

i've been creating journal posts in my head almost daily, little interesting things have happened to me here and there, just egads, whenever i do finally get home from work, i'm too exhausted to even think about creating something!

like, for example, this little embarassing tidbit:

i had been working my ASS off all day, running around a million places at a million miles an hour, lifting, shoving, bagging, carrying, you name it. towards the end of the day, i needed to get into front lock up in order to get a toner cartridge that a customer needed, and since none of the managers were paying any attention to my frantic pages, i marched over to the manager's office, where four of them were standing outside, talking about whatever in the world managers talk about (most likely, ball games of their kids or what they're going to have for dinner.) i stomp between the four of them. tony asks 'what can i do ya for?' i wordlesly put my left hand on my hip and WHOOSH my right arm up to point at Front Lock-Up, causing a small gust of air to go swirling around the managers. a tiny scent hit my nostrils when the air hit my face.

holy freaking crap, i forgot to put deodorant on this morning.

and now EVERYONE in management knows.

i dropped my arm hurriedly to my side and shuffled past them into the lock up.

i also wanted to tell you about the kids and walking home. i'll do that in a bit. for now? COFFAY.
disco star

a kid again...

the other day when i was walking home from work, i saw an older lady (60ish seeming) walking with about 5 kids ahead of me, ages ranging from about 4 to 9. i watched as they stopped by the side of the road periodically to look at flowers or to check out pretty leaves, or what have you. because of the meandering, and because of the leg span of a 4 year old not being what mine is, i eventually caught up with them.

because they were walking up the part of andresen where there is no sidewalk, they were all holding hands, spanning the entire bike lane that everyone walks up. i couldn't get around. i figured that i would duck around them at the stop light, and since i was in no GIGANTIC hurry to get home, i stayed a step or two behind them.

i hear the woman say: 'ooh, tommy (or whatever his name was), there's a GIRL behind us!' the boy turns around and grins at me and walks faster. the woman continues: "i think she LIKES you! she might want to KISS you! you might have to take her on a DATE!" i giggle.

now. i'm sure that all of us have had times in our lives where we spit out a comeback line, and immediatly, inside your head, you look at yourself and go "WHAT?!?!? that's the best you can freaking come up with? why in the world did you SAAAY that?!?!?"

in response to the date statement, i say "but it will cost you a lot of MOONEEEEY!" the lady looked at me funny, the boy didn't laugh. i suddenly felt as if i had tried prostituting myself to a 7 year old. "i'll datecha, kid, but it'll costya! *takes a drag off of a limp cigarette*"

i shut up.

because they still were not letting me by, i still contented myself with walking behind them. they all had backpacks (i assumed she had picked them up after school or something...), i had a backpack. they were all wearing cutesy kids clothes, i had my new bear hat that faetal made me in my backpack and my fluffy matching looking jacket in a bag. i grinned idiotically at the silly way she was talking to the kids.

i suddenly felt like IIIII was a kid. it was an amazing freaking feeling. granted, i was an OGRE of kids, being 5'7" instead of under 4', but STILL.

*wistful sigh*