September 30th, 2004

disco star

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well, i can honestly say that no matter how many places i've lived, i've never had to worry about a volcanic eruption before. after reading the article, it makes me almost want to write for the columbian. i mean hell. if someone can get away with repeating oneself approximately 5 times in a small article, as well as using words such as 'wafting' and 'burbled', i think IIIIII can.

says i.

CUTEST THING ON EARTH happened last night. i was running my register, a woman and her son comes up. the four of five year oldish son is absolutely beautiful: bronze skin, light brown bouncy curls, and GIGANTIC blue eyes that gave him the appearance of being VERY SERIOUS about everything. halfway through the transaction, he has to go potty. but he really wants a peppermint patty. but he really has to go potty. so, having him put down his candy bar, the mother takes him towards the bathroom. i start ringing up the next customer, an older woman. as i bleep my first item, the little boy comes running up again, a new peppermint patty in hand, and....

boy: excuse me, i would like to buy this, please. *holding peppermint patty awkwardly by one corner*
aubrey: certainly, i would be most happy to do that for you, sir, as soon as i'm done with my current customer. *smile*
older woman: *mouths awwwwwwwww! go ahead!* then shrugs as i continue to ring her up.
boy's mother: *running up* what are you doing?
boy: i'm buying this for me.
mother: do you even have any money?
boy: YES! *opens his other hand to proudly display a rather beaten up bead*
*aubrey and older woman look at each other and mouth OH MY! AWWWWW!*
mother: that isn't money, dear.
boy: it's not? well... how do you GET money then?
mother: *embarassingly grabbing him by the hand and dragging him back towards the bathroom, smiling at us all apologetically* we'll discuss it later, dear...

i tried describing the situation to coworkers throughout the night, and they didn't get a rats ass, frequently interrupting me to say whatever. understood. we had an overwhelming amount of stuff to do last night, but eesh, people LET A BIT OF CUTENESS IN! jerks.
disco star

full moons and volcanic activity... add a debate, and swirl *DONTSHAKE* to mix...

long day. tired. exhausted from little sleep. full moon FUHREAKS in all freaking day, including a guy that yelled at me, calling me stupid because i asked a SIMPLE question (he wanted to know how to use his printer without having a computer.... not one that had the little camera memory stick inputy thing, either, just.. a printer. by putting in a piece of paper. THAT'S IT. i told him i wasn't exactly SUUUUUURE how to work that, and he demanded to talk to someone else.), a lady in hot pink stretch pants that stole something, being chased down the parkinglot by Manager Tony yet again, and inumerable other mini stressful situations.

for those NOT living in the area and NOT having it shoved down your throat every 2 min, Mt. St. Helens, approximately 55 miles from my house, has now been upgraded to a 70% chance of an eruption in the next few days. i find this highly interesting.

watched the presidential debate. felt Kerry shirked the questions somewhat (why do you think bush is a liar? well... i feel he isn't being candid with the public. VOTE FOR ME! I'LL MAKE THINGS BETTER! VOTE FOR ME!), but otherwise was extremely calm, professional, and absofreakinglutely wonderful.

Bush, on the other hand, i felt seemed much like a rich, spoiled brat who was defending his sandbox. "well.. well.... YOU topsyturviertopsyturvey!!! YOU FORGOT POLAND! but the war... i sent the troops I SENT THEM! I AM THEIR LEADER! why? BECAUSE I'M PRESIDENT! THAT'S RIGHT! *poutpoutpoutpout* it's MY freaking playground, and you! you're trying to play with my ball! DAAAAD! *sniffle*" the split screen shots of his reactions to kerry's speaches were classic and wonderful. i giggled.

my favorite quote? "war is HARD. i KNOW it's hard! i read the casualty reports every day! i watch t.v.!"


hrm. veitnam vet.... a guy who knows war exists because he's watched M.A.S.H. a few times.

i'm sleepy and cranky. send me to bed.