October 6th, 2004

disco star

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eek, i had INTENDED to wake up early enough in order to scour livejournal for bits and pieces of last nights debate, but nooOOOOooo, i'm a sleepy head that got 2/3 the way through her laundry, meaning: i did it all, but now it's sitting in indescriminate piles, and i have the quest of FINDING MY WORK CLOTHES in it. well, luckily, i've found most of it, but still. and then my HAIR. *screams in terror*

had GREAT fun yesterday, it was wonderful having chris around and getting to hang with him for the first time in YEARS. we spoke geek speak (read: video games) ate fantasmic steak, played hoopla, and watched zim (he had never seen before. he is now a believer.)

woke up this morning, hearing about rodney dangerfield dying yesterday, hit the sleeper alarm and fell asleep, dreaming i went to his website and posted something about who i am today, i am because of that man, and how i'll miss him. O_O. okay, i could barely sit through one of his comedic routines, let alone think of him as my LIFE MENTOR. i have respect for him, and am sad that he died, but that's about it.

anyhoo. i need to go to work. stat.