October 7th, 2004

disco star

get down with the sickness...

i officially have caught the SICKNESS OF DOOM! doomy doom, even. i was TIIIIRED all day at work yesterday, but otherwise was completely fine. came home. sat around, dinking with stuff. started to get slightly sniffly. took a Claritin. sat back down to play me some final fantasy 8.

Evil Death crept around the corner and WHAM!, smacked me in the face with a congested frying pan. suddenly, my nose was running like mad. my throat itched. snot coagulated in all my sinus canals and EXPANDED to 80 times its normal size. says I. at least, it feels like it.

so i went to bed last night, still convinced i was going to work today.

until the alarm went off.

i rolled right over, grabbed that honkin phone and called work. it rang 500 times, and i was about to give up when New Store Manager Rick answered.

"this is rick."
"i think i'm dying."
"this is aubrey."
"my roommate gave me her horrible sickness."
"so i won't be coming in."
"oh. okay." *click*

i tell you, wallpaper is more emotional than he is. at least Store Manager Scott would have YELLED at me.

so i went back to sleep and had a dream about switching servers and going clubbing with all my eq friends, but FIRST, we had to have a place to set up camp (it was with eq friends, but we were all RL people, not in game.), so we went to a couple of empty buildings. a store at the end was wide open and had trillions of older style sequiny and satiny dress up dresses. in talking to her, she was in love with Tom Keifer of Cinderella, and was waiting for him to come back to her, though i could tell that she cared about him WAY more than he did about her.

anyhoo. i need to blow my nose, wipe the guck out of my eyes, and get coffay.
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