October 10th, 2004

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for those of you that were asking, THIS IS PUMPKIN ALE!!!! *cue climatic music* it was the hit of the party last night, people even buying bottles off of faetal... it doesn't taste like pumpkin pie to me so much, but more like... fall leaves. almost as if you took every single thing that symbolizes fall, crunched it up, swirled it with hops, and made a tasty alcoholic carbonated drink that makes you burp like you mean it. it's like drinking autumn.

and for some reason, it feels to me as if it has TWICE the alcoholic content of a regular beer. i was COMPLETELY horribly wasted off of 3 of these suckers, but shared a half of a fourth with everyone anyway. (um, sorry if i gave any of you my cold *sheepish grin*)

had more fun than i thought i would, sans freezing my arse off (note to self: self? not completely accustomed to weather up here yet. remember to bring coat. no matter how uncute you may feel.). woke up this morning thankfully unhungovered, and lying in a pool of last night's glitter, going over in my head all the wonderful productive things i would be doing today.

schyeah, i laugh at that now, too. but we'll see. we have a whole tub of coffee in there, i'll eat it with a spoon if i have to. boy howdee.
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other things from last night that i forgot to post in my earlier post...

i've been to a many a house party since i've been here. in fact, it seems to be the regular form of recreation around these here parts, instead of going out to a bar. never. EVER. had i ever been to a house party where politics were discussed so avidly.

i came in from watching a poi dancer and a juggler outside and walked past a group of people. i heard "i HATE that fucking retard." i stopped and said "who, george bush?" he grinned and said "fuck, yeah." there were random three cheers for Kerry. it was odd. a few people (including the possibly only bush supporter at the party) were angry about discussing politics at a party.

there was also a long discussion about... well, let me tell you a story. my roommate and brother work at mcdonalds. they currently have happy meal toys: hello kitty for girls, and g.i. joe for boys. when running the drive through, someone ordered a happy meal. andrea says "would you like a Hello Kitty, or a G.I. Jew? er, joe." laughter has ensued for days over this, though mainly only between a few of us. statements such as "he hangs out with Optimus Prime!" and "he fights evil with his semi-automatic menorah!" and "he throws Ninja Stars of David!" and "do you think he wears a yamika over his helmet?" and "he rides a hydroplane dreidal!" we gaffawed over this for awhile last night, though when we tried to tell people WHY we were laughing, no one would get it.


i'm cold.
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i dunno who or what i'm going to be for halloween.

i'm seriously considering Gaz. my hair is about the right length, i would just need some purple hairspray stuff. or i could dye it burgundy right before. and i have plenty of stuff that i could use to make the outfit.