October 15th, 2004

disco star

Domo Origato, Mister... Jerkhead!

i had been concocting an entire entertaining story to tell you the idiocy of what i did today, but i'll just come out and tell you:

i accidentally wore two different shoes to work today.

keep in mind that i walk a half hour to work every day.
keep in mind that one of the shoes had about an inch of a lift in it, while the other had none.
keep in mind that i didn't realize the fact that my shoes didn't match until i was about 5 min from work.

no, i was not hungover, nor had i drank insane amounts the night before (only a couple of punkin beers). maybe it was something in the phase of the moon + the stars + the underbelly of my rising sign making out with the scars of Taurus. i say this because my roommate had an odd experience much like this. well, not like it at ALL. in respect for her, i won't divulge into it unless she chooses to do so. but egads, it was farking funny the next day.

i'm also unhappy that the work schedule for next week isn't out yet. ermyeeah. tomorrow is the last day of the week. turns out that instead of a human doing it, they now are supposed to plug in our availability and it shoots out our schedule for us. apparantly, Mr. Einstein Roboto gave people like Muriel an 18 hour shift (like 6 am until 1 am the next day or something like that), and other people some really wonky things. i would really like to know whether or not i'm working on sunday before saturday, but hey. that's just me.

Domo Origato.

egads, why am i so thirsty!

creeped myself out by reading www.johntitor.com for the first time since last year. nothing creepier than sitting in a silent house, reading tales of woe and future global distruction, and then having the phone ring shrilly RIGHT NEXT TO YOU. egads. i think there's claw marks on the ceiling.
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