October 20th, 2004

disco star

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i'm sleepy. work. sleep. work. sleep. eat. drool. adult life is beginning to turn into one gigantos wraparound sentence with only the occasional punctuation mark that generally, gets put into: the wrong. place?

and, um... it saddens me to see all these wonderful people deleting their journals. it seems like almost a trend for people to delete them, theyre dropping off of my friends list so fast. hypnogun? my very firstest el jay friend EVAR (that wasn't sent over by my brother, who got me into lj.) and now he's gone. *sniffle*

i hope everything is okay with all of you that have deleted your journals lately: hypnogun, spooble, zeppo, white_daisies, jakeobs, on_tha_rocks (who, i admittedly, didn't know that well yet)....

mama misses j00.