October 23rd, 2004

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last night, i went and saw The Gossip and All Girl Summer Fun Band open up for Sleater-Kinney.

great fun times were had.

egads, i've missed live shows. we vowed to start going to see a lot more local talent. yes, bikko, i would like to start with you ;). since i don't have a car, i'm still at the mercy for whomever wants to drive to portland, isn't scared TO drive in portland, and has the night free, and feels like going out.

but soon. someday soon.

AGSFB started out, at first taste, their music reminded me of... well... sort of an old 60's style beach band meets riot grrl music. harmonies, fun upbeat, uh.. beats. the drummer was freaking PHENOMENAL. holy crap. i told andrea i could watch her all night. seeing her play made me want to grow up to be a rock star all over again. i will SO go see them again.

next was The Gossip. i had figured that it would end up being another white stripes sort of band, as it ended up being a guy on guitar and a girl on drums. then a tiny little girl comes out and meekly says hello.

that was the ONLY thing she did meekly. holy CRAP, does that woman have a voice!!! fun, interesting things done with the guitar. i would SO go see them again.

then was Sleater-Kinney, who i had heard grandoise things from the roommate on. two girls on guitar, and a girl drummer.

FAN FREAKING TASTIC. fun. energetic. i had tried getting into their music prior to the show, but their voices grated on the nerves.

after seeing them live? yeah. i'm a believer. i would SO go see them again.

and i so don't feel like working today. but tomorrow off! woot!
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