October 26th, 2004

disco star

Princess Bride, Poll, and boredom... all wrapped up neatly in a tight fist.

i've been giggling this morning at this.

they just don't make movies like they used to.

the vomiting persisted through half my shift yesterday, though i felt much better at the end. jess and andi came to pick me up, and got to meet some co-workers, like Kathryn doo dee doo doo doo doo and Uncle Andy and MC Fancy.

i tossed the idea of writing a book to my brother. he looked at me askance and said "why?"... well.. because. i feel we have stories to tell, dagnabbit!

i'm uh, just not feeling very creative atm.

i'm feeling very BOOOORED. very bored with life, bored with work, bored with house, bored with ME. i need to do something, create something, change ... SOMEthing.

any suggestions?

and the problem with getting old + a lot of people on my friends list makes me forget who i actually ganked this from, though i remember hypnogun doing it quite a bit....

Poll #373170 ask meeee! i know you wanna know...

Go ahead. ask me anything. ANYTHING. and i'll answer in a later post. i know you're curious. SHOOT!

laying there upon your bed
staring at the ceiling
a clock is ticking by your head...
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disco star

(no subject)

i need more toe socks. i have one pair. with froggies on it. but i need more. DO YOU HEAR ME!? *quiet wracking sobs* because i am a pisces, i am thusly ruled by my feet. i have not been paying nearly enough attention to them. I HAVE NOT! and the... feeling... of your toes getting little individual... HUGS... with each step, with each waggle of the toe...

*wistful sigh*

and i've been oddly craving better than ezra + jale in a random mix lately. only those two.

i'm sorry, but i hate you
i despise the way you make me feel
i'm not a bad person
my heart is good....
... but not around you.
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