October 27th, 2004


answers, as promised...

talkingpotato -- i really don't feel that i could have a choice in that. i cannot get in the way of them. if you love a polka, you need to set it free to dot where it will.

macmanchad -- i'm sorry, you failed to form your answer in the form of a question. please try again. but thanks for thinking of me ;)

nothinganything -- anything that's under a buck. or a buck-ish, really. the key to short, i've found, is keeping it as fried as possible, unlike long, where you need it silky.

lordrexfear -- oh, you! first part, yes. second part... i'm not sure i believe in it.

madmadhatter -- no freaking CLUE. it depends upon how lazy i am between now and then. and since i'm working mondo shifts between now and then, probably pretty lazy. i'll probably goth myself out again. or get lame-o kitty ears. or both. though i thought about being a robber. i have this hat, you see....

jakeobs -- not as many as you'd think. up until the last few years, i've had this... thing... against putting foreign objects into my mouth. unless, of course, that's a slang term for pizza.

firthy -- it depends upon my mood. best with marshmallowy goo. but, of course, that takes away from the purity of it.

operatic -- can't say that i've partaken. i really should, though. it sounds great for you.

pnwheelpop -- well, it was really.. um.. i used to kiss Jimmy Carter on t.v. when i was 2 or 3. my 2nd was probably either John Schneider on the Dukes of Hazzard, or the lead singer of the Bay City Rollers. in RL, you ask? well.. there was this... booy in preschool, his name was James Woodard. he moved away that next summer and i never saw him again, i was heartbrokened. i remember going into kindergarten and being SO excited to see him again... oh, but you mean REAL first luv... unkay.. i would say it was Chad, my bass instructor at age 16. he was a rock star, you see. well, a local rawk stah, anyhoo. after seeing him and then dating him for awhile, i believed in love at first sight. i still do, i guess. it just tends to wear off faster that way.

aubreymcfate -- to the U.K., definitely. Canada. i have people to meet in those places, yanno. other than that, i would mosey around Europe, South America... hell ANYWHERE, really. i love new experiences.

nasagirl -- because i can.

greenminions -- hrm. certainly not extortion, i have no desire to be rich, really. murder is so.. passe... maybe stealing something. like a car. grand theft auto is in, right? ;)

secret_ninja -- 1) no transportation, which makes me feel like i'm mooching off of people "i can come hang out with you... if you drive aaaalll the way north and pick my ass up!", 2) i get SO lazy when i'm actually off work that i prefer to do nothing but sit around in my own filth.. 3) i have the horrible tendency to be a flake. i do miss you though. we DO need to hang out, as trite as that may seem. hell, it's been over a year now?!?? wassup with dat?

imnotbob -- i would really like to some day. once i get a reliable car, i would LOVE to take someone with me (my brother perhaps, but preferably someone that can share the driving responsibilities..) and drive all the way down to phoenix to get some of my things, hitting all my favoritest eljay people on the way.

this was FUN. hee hee hee. so much fun, in fact, that i decided to carry it over another day.

Poll #373851 ask meeee! i know you wanna know...

ask me anything. ANYTHANG! questions will be kept silent. answers will not. GO!

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just out of curiosity..

for anyone that was out and about last night...

did you have your share of wackadoos?

holy HELL, office max was FILLED with them. FIIIIIIILLLLLLLED. it was so horrendous that by the end of the evening, i was fighting hysterical giggles. i knew if i started, i would never stop. Manager Tony was virtually in tears. MC Fancy yelled at me. (or about me, rather.) Other things that happened:

- Pattie had an old woman tell her "you know? i'm sick of looking at you! you need to just GO AWAY!! GO ON! LEEEEAAAVE!" when the old woman was standing at Pattie's register. whenever Pattie would say something polite to her or another customer, she would shriek and spit "WHAT DID YOU SAY TO MEEEEE?!?!?!" (Pattie is as nice and docile as they come, in case you didn't know.)

- i had a guy that i seriously thought he was going to attack me because the Cardinals were losing. he was spitting and foaming at the mouth and SCREAMING. all i could do was laugh at him. this probably didn't make him any happier.

- poor igor had a guy accuse him of stealing his debit card. now. for those of you that haven't been to my office max location, when it's debit, you slide your card, you put in your pin, we never touch the thing. the guy slid his card, punched in his pin... it was declined. he started screaming at poor Igor about stealing his debit card and that he needed to give it back to him before he called the police. how DARE one of "his people".... (he's russian) poor igor almost cried. (he's EXTREMELY religious and would never even BEGIN to fathom doing such a thing, plus this howling match took place in front of a gigantic line of people, none of which came to his defense.)

- there was a guy that was there for over FIVE HOURS, wanting to talk to each of us about our individual version of the history of copiers. left angry and empty handed. told us the next time we keep him there that long, that we had best start PAYING him for his time there.

various other little nuances, such as a guy that demanded a price match for a $300 printer that he could get used at Fry's for $149. SEVERAL people trying to use other people's credit cards and checks. several people's cards being declined and them causing a GIGANTIC scene because THEY can't budget or balance their check books. ("well, it's never done THAT before - TRY IT AGAIN!" "um.. ma'am, i can slide your card as many times as you like, but it won't make it go through any faster. call your bank." "NO! TRY IT AGAIN! YOU'RE WROOONG!")

someone stated it's because of a full moon + lunar eclipse. Tony gave a speach at the end of the evening, telling us that it will all be better tomorrow. i stated that there's 2 more nights of the full moon, plus an eclipse.

and i get to close for every single one of them.

hold me.