October 28th, 2004

disco star

answers, part deux.

morning morning morning to all of ye's!

cmerun12 -- BAH HA HA HA HA. you crack me up. faetal keeps threatening to finish it for me ;). i'm still terrified of the sewing machine.

heyitsheather -- WHAT?!?!? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW. (i would have to say i 1000%ly disagree...) egads, woman. i have a weak stomach!

macmanchad -- hee hee hee. try the refresh button.

jakeobs -- can't say that i have. maybe someday. and it really depends upon the owner's cleanliness.

chrishaas -- i truly don't know. but from what i've seen and DO know, someone that refuses to let you on their friends list unless you constantly jump through hoops in order to stroke their ego. i don't play that, sorry.

washell -- not a clue. sounds like a badly aimed sperm shot in porn, though.

halloaaryn -- hee hee. probably backstreet boys, believe it or not. out of everything i've seen, they seem to have the best... respect? maybe cuz they were more or less the original (except dating back to the new kids...)

luxperpetua -- truly? depends upon how much i've had to drink. i've been with a few before. not bad, really. i admire their beauty and find some very VERY attractive. so.. um... i guess about 25% gay?

kabandra -- i'm actually one of the calmest, quietest people you'll ever know in person. well, not TOO quiet, to be sure. i'm very loud in the right circles. but i hardly get excitable about anything, really. whenever people give me news that they're hopping up and down about, they frequently take my ease-ness with indifference, but i'm really excited, i promise! i'm just hopping up and down on the INSIDE. as for the energy in my journal? (and thanks for calling it that!) i guess all the outside calmness needs to have an outlet for the inner energy? perhaps. so, to answer your question. calm with a side of ... WEIRD. that's me.

dbsquirrel -- i would say definitely ornotmajestic, he has the same musical tastes for the most part. i'm trying to think of other people that would be a good match. talkingpotato, perhaps?

griffxx -- ooh, that's a TOUGH one! um. Sloan - Between the Bridges, Better Than Ezra - Closer, and um... perhaps Nickel Creek - This Side? egads, that would be hard to choose...

ornotmajestic -- egads. i almost gave myself an anneurism thinking of this! i guess that the final answer would be that i couldn't choose an ENTIRE album, but songs here and there. that's cheating, i know. but The Grays - Both Belong for my general outlook in life, Gin Blossoms - Lost Horizons for the overwhelming monotony i feel at times, Better Than Ezra - R3wind for my belief of music and its magic for becoming a soundtrack of our lives, October Project - Adam and Eve for choices i've made in the past and the inner death i felt at my rape, Kik Tracee - Blood Brother for my relationship with brosely, and during the times of inner dismay, Toad the Wet Sprocket's Whatever I Feel and Ezra's Briefly + the first verses of I Do. (i get so lonely in this crowd, i want to scream, but make no sound.. yeah, i'm lost, but maybe i'll be found...)

jaddziadax -- definitely go. (though this is a day late...) never miss the opportunity to see a live band.

scrumbles -- was listening to it this morning, in fact. it's amazing. :)

doctorobnoxious -- not at all. in fact, i think fascination fits the bill a bit better...

i've got a little bit of reason
for everything i've done
i might just serenade the moonlight...
disco star

now for a real post...

hee hee.

best site address evar:


i luckily and surprisingly got to see the lunar eclipse in its entirety last night, God having magically put the moon exactly where the giant window over the doors in Office Max is, giving me a nice framed personal show.

too bad the idiots that kept parading through my line didn't realize that i had BETTER THINGS TO DO than to argue with them as to why a magic alarm clock that plays 4 songs from Grease costs $20. and yes, i DO need to see proof that you're with the company you're writing the check from. kthx.

and in case you were ever wondering, yes, i DO stick my tongue out at rude people as they're walking away from me. i'm just that mature.

i'm also ANGRAY! ANGRAY. anGREEEEE. i requested halloween, the 1st, and the 2nd off MONTHS ago. they goofed and scheduled me for election day. i said "uh-uh." they said "well. the schedule is out, so if you want that day off, YOU have to go around to all of your coworkers that are off that day and beg them to work for you. if you don't cover your own shift - although we goofed - you had BEST be here... ORELSE..." O_O there is only one person off that day that didn't previously request that day off, and she works in COPYmax. meaning has never worked as a regular associate, so to speak. grar. maybe i should bake her cookies. actually, scratch that. for anyone that has ever tasted my cooking/baking/parbroiling, that would only cause her to throw the remainder in my face and never speak to me again. maybe some skittles. i think she likes skittles.

busted down and broken
all in two
you never thought this could happen to you...
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