October 29th, 2004

disco star

full moon... setting...

for the stragglers for this meme:

madmadhatter -- funny you should mention it, i was thinking the same thing. now, just to get the kitty ears.

serene_goddess -- i actually discovered zim in a drunken haze. well, not ONE, but many. i would come home on friday nights from happy hour, fairly shloshed, and watch friday night cartoons on nickelodeon. i remember thinking every time i saw it in my drunken haze "wow. this is so.... WROOONG. omg, did he really SAAAY that? holy HELL. BA HA HA DOOM!" by the time i realized "hey, i should be recording these for later!", i managed to get two episodes: Plague of Babies, and Bolognia Maximus or whatever it's called, and it was taken off the air. Obsession grew from there. I would have to say that my favorite character goes from Dib to Zim and back again. I heart Gir, but he reminds me of the ... well.. JarJar Binks/Taz/Tweety/Eyore of the show, where EVERYONE must like him. granted, he's cooler than any of those other toons ever DREAMED of being, but still...

holy hell, Mick Jagger is OLD.

last night was... HELL. one of my favoritest managers to work with was suspended, leaving the other manager by himself for the entire day. it seems like the new store manager is becoming more and more scarce to come by as time goes along. if he's performing this way at a new store, after officemax relocated him all the way from oklahoma... *shrug* there was even an entire HALF HOUR where i was the only one working. I. WAS THE ONLY. ONE. okay. imagine the largest office supply store you've ever been in (we're the largest in the district.) now, imagine you go to shop there one thursday afternoon. there is only one person in the ENTIRE BUILDING that works there, and she's behind a register.

i was not pleased.

i still don't know if i have a 3 or 4 day weekend. dearest kathryn said she could cover it up to 230, but i still need it covered until 8.


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