October 30th, 2004

disco star

baby names!

we're looking for names for our KITTEN! and as you should know, it's not 'kitten'. i needs to be pronounced emphatically at all times. KIT. TEN!

in looking for names, i have INSISTED her last name be Butterfly Moon Kitten.

she suggested Artemis, for the goddess of the Beautiful and Ruthless Goddess of the Hunt. then came Bacci (pronounced Bahch-ee), which is italian for kisses.

now. say this with me:


yes, has a ring to it.


and now she wants to name her Fish. but we both agreed, the name Baby Jesus is OUT. "FREAKING BABY JESUS! GET YOUR CLAWS OUT OF THE COUCH! YOU WHORE!"

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disco star

(no subject)

i'm currently sitting here in purple hair dye.

yes. purple.

i got everything i need for my Gaz costume, including some super duper holding gel. i painted a box to look like a game slave.

i just don't know if i'm actually going out tonight or not. i'm broke, the plans i had had kinda fell through, my back is freaking KILLING me.

but i know there's def a party tomorrow.

*shrug* we'll see.
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