November 1st, 2004

disco star

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i'm hungover.

i don't remember feeling drunk. i remember feeling sleepy, but whenever i tried articulating my thoughts, they came out jarbled and drooly.

i woke up this morning, looking like i had been to mardi gras last night: BRIGHT purple hair, smeared eyeliner from hell, black eyeboogers of doom, and glitter EVERYWHERE. i had put so much product in my hair last night, it was still Gaz-y when i woke up.

now that's a lot of product.

got married last night. it's custom here to have a Hallowedding. I got to be the bride, given away by brosely. I married a woman, Kat. it's also custom for them to go to the 'honeymoon suite' and make out for 15 min. instead, we went to the bathroom, and split the toilet paper bouquet i had because the bathroom was out. i discovered my pockets full of Nerds and Starburst that somehow found its way into my pocket (just call me Tasslehoff.)

speaking of. the only part of the dream i had last night that i can remember was that a bunch of us were stuck in this pyramid, and Tanis was leading us out. as everyone slept, i spoke to him, and he had said that he had almost gotten back some semblance of ordinary life, and talked of shopping for groceries with Laurana.

i giggled at him and said "hee hee. it's strange to think of what Tanis Half-Elven would buy at Costco!"

he replied "Hungry Man dinners, of course!"

i rather like my stark purple hair. i shall miss it when i have to dye it normal before work on wednesday.
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