November 3rd, 2004

disco star

although everyone is probably sick of hearing about it, my 2 cents about the election, and then some

yesterday was the most stressful day of my life.

or so it felt.

faetal and i spent the evening stressing out and yelling at the t.v., which eventually ended in us going and getting cheap beer and chocolate, then sitting and doing more of the same, only slightly less agitated.

i'm... virtually speachless.

and utterly, utterly disappointed in the country.

sort of melodramatic, i know, but that's how i feel.

in other news.. dyed the purple out of my hair last night for work this morning, instead of turning back to auburn, it turned MASSIVELY CLOWN ORANGE. wow, is it bright. amazing how a little thing like... oh... bleaching your hair before you color it can really make a difference *wince*.

in other other news, we have thee most codependant kitten EVAR. holy frejoles. she has to be on us AT ALL TIMES. she slept on my hip all evening. when i woke up, she spent the entire morning FREAKING OUT because i couldn't hold her and do my contacts at the same time.

nothing says lovin like a kitten jumping up on your legs... when you're wearing nothing but a tank top and underwear.

and you would think she was a siamese instead of a calico, she's SO verbal. yes, you're cute. now put a sock in it. schnookums.
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disco star

in other other OTHER news...

oh my hell, it's 39 friggin degrees outside.

and me without a coat.

i had a coat, you see. said coat was buried under a bunch of things in our closet since last winter. i had felt that halloween was the most opportune time to get it back out, so i did.

to find it infested with wriggling baby spider pods.

*takes a moment to refreak out*

okay, granted, there was only one i could see, though after seeing that ONE, i hadn't felt much like inspecting the other white spots on the jacket any more closely.

so yes, here it is, 8 degrees above freezing, and me without a coat.
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disco star

bite me.

i went to work today, feeling depressed. not just sad, but DEE. PRESSED. i felt like i was pouting almost, like i was a sore loser.

well, i'll tell you what. there is such thing as a sore loser. but what is a trillion times worse than a sore loser is a BAD WINNER.

all. freaking. day. i was told by my coworkers and by customers that i was dumb for voting for kerry. that i obviously couldn't form a cohesive opinion for a decent candidate for the presidency. i was informed - not always politely - that kerry is a 'shit head', a 'dumb ass', and a 'stupid jerk'. i was told that bush was the lesser of the two evils for running for president, so why on earth did i possess a lack of judgement in voting for someone who flip flops?!?

i even had someone spit practically in my face and tell me that the entire military hates me because i voted for kerry, and that "well, the entire military says you're WRONG."

and keep in mind that i didn't bring up the election even once with any of these people. they would begin by saying "huh. some election last night." i would reply "yes. i stayed up late. i'm sad today."

so i had thought about just ignoring the fact that kerry lost and that every nerve of mine has been on end for the last few months leading up to the presidential election. less drama that way.

well, FUCK THAT. i will not apologize if i had high hopes for voting in a different leader with more of an open mind, in hopes that our country would become a better one over the next 4 years. i will not shirk or hang my head because the american populace overall thinks that bush would make a better 'leader' for our nation. i will FEEL anger because of how many world wide relationships we have alienated during the bush administration. i will burn with sadness because of the opportunity to flip this country that i live in from a downward spiral into dissent and predjudice (whether for abortions or gays or non Christians), into one of tolerance and understanding.

in voting for Kerry, i did what i could. now, i must find different, smaller ways in order to try to save this wretched country from what it has become.

i'm sorry i understand if my views on this country in general are not yours. but i'm damn sick and tired of playing meek and hiding my beliefs just because it might rock the boat a little. i don't appreciate being told that because of feeling the way that i do, i am obviously uneducated because i'm not afraid to change status quo.

look around you.

things are not going well.

it's time for change.

*footnote: Oregon also passed into state constitutional law that marriage is only allowed between a man and a woman.*
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