November 6th, 2004

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seared by that hidden fire that adultery kept feeding
consumed with longing
feverish with desire
it's now
she said now

opened up the widow inhaled the cold air
let the heavy mass of her stream down
to the wind
and as she gazed at the stars she wished she were loved
loved by a prince
time has come she can't go on
it's now or it's the death of her
too much for one lifetime
but not enough for now

she was dead i saw her face
her eyes they glowed in a guilded cage
too much for one lifetime
her lust for love
was a crime
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disco star

gossip meme, X-men, clumsy kitty and other fantabulous adventures

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life sucks, then you.. become one? wait. that's not it.

stressful week. but i'll get over it, i'll get through it. i always do.

that reminds me of the great trick that an English Teacher of Christmas Past taught me: a prepositional phrase begins with a word that describes where a cat can go: in, through, over, around, behind, etc., + of.

wild kitty is muchly acclimated to her new surroundings. unfortunately, i think that too much time in the out of doors has caused her to be.... well, let's just say that she's not the most graceful of cats. she doesn't primly sit down to sit all cute and proper: she falls to the side like a brick. stairs are also a problem: her fat kitty butt tends to get a little too much momentum going before she hits the bottom, and she generally ends up losing control, skidding the last few stairs, ending by sliding on her tummy across the linoleum in a clumsy heap, little legs flailing as she tries to get a paw hold on the ground.

but we heart her.

i watched the X-Men cartoon yesterday for the first time in FOREVER. i had totally forgotten the catchy theme song. i hadn't noticed before that when the characters are going through the introduction part of the theme: CYCLOPS. WOLVERINE. STORM. ROGUE. ETC., that they all .. well, they all look so darn HAPPY to be mutants. in trying to watch the beginning credits as if i hadnt seen them before, i giggled as i was watching them showing off their abilities: Cyclops... okay, he shoots a beam. Wolverine.. okay, he's a hairy guy with claws. i got it. okay. Rogue. she... smiles and flies? does that really constitute being a mutant? (well, other than the ability to fly of course.) with the others, they showed a bit of their namesake. Rogue... is she known for her rogue-ish grin? does it mesmerize people? THIS INTRO TELLS ME NOTHING.

course, like most of you people on my friends list, am a raging nerd, so i know the TRUTH, yo. i know that Mystique is her mother, even. chew on THAT.

*pushes her glasses up on her nose*

i'm bored with work. i keep telling my managers that i'm bored with work. my life has basically resorted to going there, and spinning through the following conversation a few trillion times:

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footnote: i can so live without seeing Harvey Keitel naked... EVER again. thank you.
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e freaking gads.

livejournal is being analistically evil, per usual. it's been SOOOOO SLOOOOOOW on my computer for almost a week, which means that it takes a trillion years to get to my friends page, then a trillion more years + 20 in order to try to post. God help me if i wish to peek at what's behind a cut!

but know that i'm reading, if not responding. the desire to respond is there, oh yes. we all know how chatty i can be.