November 15th, 2004

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i'm so FUCKING PISSED OFF, that i'm crying.

i'm sure that PART of it comes from PMS and the fact that i'm set to bleed any fucking day now.

the cat broke my playstation.



three YEARS of playing down the fucking tube. no, scratch that. probably about FIVE years of playing. she attacked my leg, i pushed her off the chair, she bolted and cought the controller cord and pulled it off of the t.v.

it landed on my ps1 memory card, the one with the YEEEARS of playing anything and everything from final fantasy 4 right on up to my almost finished game of ff8, my game plus features from ff6 and chrono cross. EVERYTHING. it shattered. FREAKING SHATTERED.... INSIDE of the slot that holds it. the slot is now stuffed FULL of broken plastic.

actually, when did playstation come out? my brother got that same memory card when he got his first playstation. so,yeah. that many fucking years of saved playing. FUCKING YEEEEARS.

but, miraculously, it continued playing ffx-2. i'm in the last dungeon, oh so very close to finishing the game. so, already more angry than i can remember being in FOREVER, i figure that it's solvable because i can still vent my anger out and feel better by finishing my game. i carefully picked up my ps2 and placed it back on top of the television and went to play. the very first random battle? screen went black and never came back. the drawer won't open. it will turn on, but not play anything.


i also got that when the ps2's FIRST came out, meaning that in the span of a nanosecond, i had not only YEARS of game play down the freaking drain, but also about $400. just like... *snaps* that.

because of the fucking cat.

i'm so freaking... angry... i feel like throwing her... i won't though. the whole *waves hand in the air* love for animals thing. not to freaking mention that their attention span is that of a dead fish, meaning she would never know what the hell i was punishing her for, anyway.

the drawer will not open, so it's holding my game for ransom, too. thankfully all the info on my ps2 memory card is FINE, but i think i would almost rather have sacrificed that to save the other. i mean, REALLY. i only own 4 ps2 games, and TRILLIONS of ps1.

i broke the door off of the front trying to get into the drawer to get my game. it still won't fork Yuna, Rikku, and Paine over.

i'll show IT some pain(e).

doesn't help that i'm still sick, i was looking so forward to sitting here in my pajamas and doing nothing but drinking hot tea and defeating evil whilst still gasping for air through hurting lungs.

NOW what.?!?
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