December 3rd, 2004

disco star

i'm late, i'm late! for a very important date! no time to say hello-GOODBYE! i'mlatei'mlatei'mlate

stupid time thing.

my work clothes are still in the dryer, and probably still sodden and soggy. i TOTALLY forgot that in order to be able to EAT at work today, i needed to cash my check.

course, i COULD do the revolutionary thing and pack my lunch. hrm....

happy birthday, pasquinade!!! thanks again for opening my life to so much wonderful music. you're an inspiration!
happy birthday, faeriewitch!! i haven't seen hide nor hair of you in quite a bit, i hope everything is well.

and THANK YOU!!! i can't remember the last time that i opened up my mailbox and got cheer instead of bills! thanks to my beloved talkingpotato for the wonderful letter (put my three liner to you to shame! bah ha ha!) i laughed heartily. and thank you SO much, mr_cricket for the cd's! i so can't wait to hear them!

got my hairs cut last night. not hairs cute, like i typed the first time. i don't know if it would qualify as CUTE. going to pick up some STARK RED dye this weekend, along with brosely's birthday present and some kitty schtuff. i had thought about keeping it this brassy orange, but it's faded to the point where it's almost FLOURESCENT. this will not do. though, of course, if i walked home from work at night w/o a hat on (which is not an option because my ears would freeze solid and then fall off and then i would DIIIIE.), cars would be able to see me easily.

but i'm getting sidetracked.

new years resolution: get more motivated to find creative outlets for your uh.. creativity. you need it. write short stories again. compose new music, even if it's silly. help faetal with her crocheting so she can become rich and famous for her yarn mastery. learn how to knit, damnit!!!! *shakes fist in mock rage*

also, eat sugar way less, mamacita. egads, you need to do that.
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holy frejoles, i forgot how tight pants can be fresh out of the dryer.

i also hope that i didn't wait up andrea when i fell down a few of the stairs. embarassing, yes. injury, don't think so, unless i pulled a muscle trying to catch myself.
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only in hollywood...

... can Hugh Grant be the Prime Minsiter of Britain and Billy Bob Thornton the President of the United States.

somehow, after thinking about it, maybe the portrayal isn't TOO far off... *snicker*