December 6th, 2004

disco star

customer from HELL.

i'm very excited about brosely's birthday tomorrow :) i gave him his birthday present last night, a really cheesy game called AtmosFear... we giggled heartily and played until the wee hours of the morning. andrea and daniel scared the CRAP out of me, the jerks.

yesterday was a VERY short day at work, it's been forever since i've actually worked such a short shift that i wasn't even entitled to a lunch.

but wow, did that freaking day get under my skin. i actually cried. a customer actually made me cry! now. backing up a bit, it's an ongoing joke between the managers and i that i'm a magnet for evil people. the HUGE GIGANTIC DEALS and the MOST EVIL CUSTOMERS EVAR almost ALWAYS start with me. maybe that's because i work the customer service desk? actually, no, i get them out on the floor, too. and it's not because of my personality, at least... i don't think it is. even right up until the end last night, i had a completely normal, nice tone of voice.

basically... okay, let's do some math here:

you go into a store. you buy SIX packages of envelopes at $5.99 each. the subtotal is now $36 (i'm rounding around because i'm too lazy to do true math. work with me here.)
you use a $10 coupon. your new subtotal is now $26. instead of paying $5.99 per package of envelopes, you are now paying $4.33 per package.
you pay the cashier with a gift card that has $10.77 on it. this drops your total to $16 ish.
you pay the remainder of the balance in cash, which i think had been like $18 something with tax.

okay. you send your kids in to return FOUR of the six packages of envelopes. their refund amount ended up being around $18ish with tax. because they paid with a gift card, $10 went back on a gift card, the remainder in cash. (the system does it this way to prevent people who return stuff without a receipt from bringing whatever else they buy in the store with their in store credit back and getting cash back. it just can't happen.)

okay, you with me here? everything add up kosher? coo.

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the shift ended with my leaving a half hour after i was scheduled off, poor faetal waiting around for forever for me. i felt bad because i had been told to do part of a project before leaving (thusly why i was leaving late, so i could complete it...), and when mary asked me "pfft. you didn't FINISH? who in the world here is going to finish?" i replied with a shrug and a "that is none of my concern right now."

and then we went shopping. catnip bubbles, catnip, collar, treats, and brush for Bacci (who appreciated nothing but the treats).. and lots of other stuff i needed that i still havent' replaced since moving here (i.e. skin care stuff - it's a wonder i don't look 112, because all i've been using for the last year and a half is soap...)

anyhoo. i need to freaking do my holiday cards! and stamps. stamps would be good.
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