December 10th, 2004

disco star

why, you sick, SICK little moo cow!

huh. Seth MacFarlane must've signed a SCHWEET freaking deal and had one HELL of a make up with Fox. - not only does he have a new show coming out, BUT Family Guy is returning to Fox with new episodes AND the new show gets to air immediatly after the freaking super bowl AND they are actually showing the famed "evil" episode that they flat out refused to air before, where Peter spends their emergency money on volcano insurance, so they get a Jewish man to fix their money issues and they go to church with him.

Optimus Prime? He's Jewish? *transformer sounds*

i got a wonderful card from my dadday today :) i giggled because it says, only, inside:

"and a hopping holyday to you. how has your year to date gone. any significant others on board? just nosey, you don't have to tell. Just have a good holiday or two. Love, Dad and Connie."

faetal and i giggled heartilly at how it was delicately put, to where it could go either way.

no, i'm not a lesbian.

though i'm not feeling overly heterosexual at the moment, either. i'm just.. me. a tad lonely, but not wanting anything, not even remotely interested in anyone.

status quo on the romantic front, yo.

though i SO need a back rub. and andrea just squealed when she felt what my left knee is doing - it makes a LOVELY horrible bubbly grinding type feeling AND noise whenever i bend it when i'm standing on it. funny, it's doing this now that it doesn't hurt anymore. *knock on wood*

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