December 19th, 2004


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yippee, i finally got some more postage stamps, so i can finally finish my Christmas cards and get them out to all of my little beloveds :) *smootches*

okay, well, i do have most of them written out, but still so many to go. i hope i have enough cards. if i don't, i'm certain that i can find them on clearance somewhere ;)

sorry i haven't been around much. between working retail so much and so many other things that are going on, i haven't felt social at all.

though i DID finally learn how to knit last night :D

i so wish that i could sit here and knit all day long instead of going into work for a gigantos honkin shift.

ces la vie. or however you spell it.

i confess, it's all true
i'm a mess, what a fool
now what do i do?
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    SR-71 *What a Mess*