December 24th, 2004

disco star

i did what with who? where?!? oh, it was a dream.

odd dreams last night, where i woke up and thought i was on drugs.

i can't remember much about it, other than there was a place with a lot of rooms, and there was something drastically different going on in each little cubicle type room, so i was peeking my head in each room to see and take part in whatever was going on, i.e. a pillow fight in a tank top and undies in one room, being beaten by a boyfriend in the next, rolling in flowers in yet another. when i went outside, i realized that it had all been a part of Last Comic Standing and that they were now sending a bunch of the people home. there was someone there that i knew worked with my brother and andrea at mcdonalds, mcguyver, some guys i went to school with... i climbed on the bus and gave them all hugs because i was sad that i had made it and they hadn't. i felt like i should hide when kimahri climbed on board, but i bit my lip and gave him a hug, too. i asked him quietly what he thought had happened to Tanis, and he said that he didn't know, that he was greatly concerned, because Tanis isn't funny, so something HAD to have happened to him, something sinister.

and then i woke up.

and i'm still so sleepy that i had to look up how to spell kimahri.

i just got an email from my father... MY FATHER, saying he listens to kid rock and "uncle crackers". freaking wow.

ate too much olive garden last night, came home and got sick, but had fun anyway.

my feet are cold, i need socks.

we're actually watching the Wiggles. it always makes me giggle about my post asking if they were gay or just british, and everyone seem SO much more angry that i called them British instead of gay. (being Australian and all..)

Merry Christmas Eve.
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disco star

memberances of Christmases past..

in checking some old entries to see what i was up to over Christmas the last few years or so, i came across the andrea chopping her finger off incident which happened the 27th of last year. no, my usefulness in an emergency hath NOT improved any in the last year. and okay, so it wasn't her ENTIRE finger. though that certainly makes for a more interesting story. and i remember afterwards telling customers and coworkers about it, almost with an evil grin on my face, just to see their HORRIFIED reaction. heh heh heh.

and also the wonderful gift that made me cry from 2002, when i was still in phoenix and surrounded by my 3 bestest friends in the world. God, i freaking miss them. i'm actually on the verge of tears thinking about it. the next day was our attempt at seeing The Two Towers which didn't, uh.. happen.

also, why i'm so thankful that i never have to worry about running into exes here.

and aaah, yes, the year before that, when i had a boyfriend, drank almost nightly like a hobo, and lived life as far away from my family as possible.

and yanno? i still really need to get some socks on these feet!
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