January 6th, 2005


because apparantly, it won't show up, so i'll post it again

For those of you that hadn't known, my mother has been sick for MONTHS now. quite sick. she was finally able to go in and get some major tests done this morning, namely where they go into the groin area and pass a tube into your heart to inject dye. well, apparantly, instead of it being a virtually painless procedure with very little issues, there were some complications including a great deal of agonizing pain and extreme bleeding when they removed the tubes, so much that it took 3 nurses to put pressure on my mother's groin area in order to staunch the bleeding.

i received the call around noontime at work from my brother, and instantly told management i would work until my brother got there, seeing as i saw no point in walking a half hour home, just to be picked up immediately from there.

she was in very good spirits, though i believe a lot of that were the multiple drugs they were giving her. giggles were had. i made her a sammich and fed her pears.

they're doing additional tests on her tomorrow to see exactly what it is that is causing her wheezing, as well as whatever has been causing the horrible jolts to her feet that have been keeping her up at night. what little that we DO know, is that the left side of her heart is experiencing a dangerous amount of high blood pressure, though that's still sort of vague.

i'll let you know what's going on as i know it.

in the meantime? i need a nap.

*update* i had the nap, though i didn't sleep very well. they're taking her in this morning for some lung testing, and she said she'd call me and let me know as soon as she knows anything. thank goodness i don't have to work until 4.

weird dreams

so i dreamed i was a purple Froglok. a froglok, you see, that just happened to be one of the top three on The Apprentice! unfortnately, the jerk that is Donald Trump fired me, and i could only watch from the sidelines as everyone else that had been voted off previously could come in and vote on the final two, because, as we all know, Frogloks cannot vote. (i've seen bits and pieces of the apprentice RL, and i know it doesn't work that way, but it did in my dream...) so, dejected purple me went to my friend joe's family to help them prepare dinner. i was thankfully human again, though i kept almost cutting my finger off whenever i would chop these weird vegetables that were what would happen if a zuchini and a carrot loved each other very very much and had offspring, which they would harvest from their back door roof. some weird teenage boy wouldn't stop flirting with me and kept poking me with his butter knife, and it was everything i could do to not poke him in return: with my REAL knife. suddenly, i hear that there's some sort of excitement going on outside, so we all leave. i see the sky erupt in fire and blue.. colors on the horizon. everyone says that Whatever Airforce Base was just bombed heartily and that they would be coming for us next! so i try to run, but i can only stare in fear. suddenly, i see this box with the face of a blue lion come out of the explosion...i laugh and point at it and yell "OMG, IT'S A TRANSFORMER!" it transforms, and sadly, it has lost a leg in a previous battle. but he turns into an actual lion and lands in front of me, opening his little lion cockpit and telling me to get in, that i'm the Chosen One for the Blue Transformer. I somehow knew that my brother was automatically chosen, wherever he was, for the Red Transformer. So i clambored inside, put on my little helmet, and got my first flying lesson. it was terrifying, yet exhilarating (don't ask me why it couldn't pilot itself in that form...) so we raced off to an evil secret laboratory, where my transformer transformed into a little box that i put in my oversize purse, as i walked in and started poking around. the evil scientist snuck up behind me and did the thing with the whatever on the cloth that he puts over my mouth and i passed out, though as if through a camera, i saw him drag my body off as he cackled. i saw the other friends i came with wondering where i was and my Blue becoming greatly concerned. i remember seeing weird animals in cages, sort of like i was in the scene in FFVI with the espers in the laboratory, except there was a monkey.

and that's all i remember.