January 16th, 2005

disco star

Randomness for lack of anything better to say....

so, now that livejournal is back on (little note to myself for many moons down the road so i'll remember the Great LJ Blackout of Two Thousand Five!)

watching Golden Globes, for lack of anything better to do. the sight of Mick Jagger slurping from a wine glass makes me cringe.

my work pants make me itch, even after washing them with tons of fabric softener repeatedly. maybe it's the winter weather that makes me itch.

due to the WINTER BLAST '05! that hit us (ice everywhere, but not nearly to the degree of last year.), i had an impromptu sleepover party when Pattie called from work and said that she couldn't drive home. andrea and joel were in cali, and i was quite thankful for not sleeping alone in the apartment. i chuckle at this, knowing that i lived completley by myself for 6 years, and that now i've grown soft, becoming nervous if there isn't someone else in the house with me. my, how things change.

i'd bet i could lose weight a lot faster if i quit my love affair with beer. mmmmm, beeeer.

my left gland is swolen greatly, and makes it greatly difficult to swallow or speak without pain. the beer i'm drinking, the little bubbles seem to caress it lovingly and makes it oddly feel better.

i so need to find me a MAH-YUN like zach braff. hell, i just need a man.

already telling people to make sure to take saturday, march 19th off of work for my birthday. all are invited. dunno what in the world i'm doing yet, had considered something silly like Chuck E. Cheese's, just because i'm TURNING THIRTY! *Optimus Prime transformer sounds*

Ron Howard, despite his hair loss, still looks 16 to me.

Johnny Depp. Need i say more?

Bacci fetches. but only on the stairs. i die of cuteness overdose each and every time i see it.
disco star

More notations from the Golden Globes, because i'm still sucked in..

every time Martin Scorsese smiles, it looks like it hurts him.

i almost cried when robin williams dedicated his award to his good friend, Chris Reeve. *sniffle*

i so need to go to the movies more often, i think the last movie i saw there was either Mona Lisa Smile or Return of the King, though i could swear i'm missing something in there. i walk past a theatre every. single. day. on my way home from work, don't ask me why i don't stop.