January 17th, 2005


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as typed in a response to a response by a_muse_d:

well, my gland is better this morning, my throat doesn't hurt at all. however, it seemed to have high five tagged my schnoz, and now my sinuses is 'it' - i feel like my head/body proportion is that of Mr. Mackey, can't stop sneezing, and i seem to be producing snot at an alarming rate.

and i sound like joan rivers, minus the accent.

and since we were already scheduled on a WAY skeleton crew (yancey, kyle, and myself, and that's including kyle in copymax), and since i like the manager closing, i wouldn't do anything so evil as calling in on her.

darn conscious. or whatever.

had a dream that for some reason, sara watkins from nickel creek and i teleported bodies, and i was terrified about having to play the fiddle in front of people. and then sean, her brother, started flirting with me, and it was then that i realized that i had accidentally teleported into the girl sitting NEXT to sara.

in stating my crush for zach braff, i wanted to also state the crushes i have for other random actors, though sometimes it seems that it's more of a crush for the character they play (as in michael weatherly's case) moreso than the actor themselves. in no particular order, i present to you:

mr. braff
marc blucas
michael vartan
michael weatherly (but only as logan cale)
goran visjnic (sp, i'm sure, but i'm too lazy to look it up. let's just call him 'dr. kovac'.)
hugh jackman (depending upon my mood)
johnny depp and colin ferrel (only to look upon, their personalities....*shudder*)

musicians i have a crush on:

kevin griffin from better than ezra
johnny rzeznik from goo goo dolls
butch walker
and i think that's it, now that my crush on gavin rossdale hath passed...
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in learning how to write my own music, i several times would wake up with a melody or a set of chords or a combo going through my head and get up to write them, dashing to a pen and paper and Rufus (my guitar) as quickly as possible before it disappeared. i would then construct the beginning of something, and have to leave to do Something, and continue working on it in my head...

... only to realize that it already sounds like some song i already know, by someone else.

never before have i ever had it happen in reverse, that i write something, and then literally YEARS down the road, come across a song that i know that there was NO way i could have heard before or during the writing of a song, but that it sounds IDENTICAL.

such is the case with the firstest song i almost wrote to completion, "hidden truth", and Dandy Warhols' "sleep". when i first heard the picking of the guitar and how it was going, the speed, the inflection and everything, how it does it normally one time through the chord progression, then rushes it a bit during the second... i was shocked that we had actually recorded my song, i certainly hadn't remembered it... then it clicked that i HADN'T recorded it.

freaking WEIRD.

any of The 'Stairs has access to the song, check it out.... it's freaking creepy. i was even singing along to it, but with the words i had written... definitely drastically different from theirs...