January 23rd, 2005


my weekend, in cryptic terms..

the weekend, meaning thursday and friday, were filled with wonderful gloriousness, massive bonding times, and thrilling kinship. great memories will be had, and fantastic stories will be told for years to come.

and they all involve a fort made of blankets and chairs and the kitchen table, a lava lamp, and 8 friends.

alas, now it's time to return to reality.

the whole household is sick. i woke up feeling as if i was just groggy, and that coffee would certainly perk me up. afterall, i have TONS to accomplish today on my day off. GALLONS, even.

nope. my head aches from sinus pressure, i'm coughing and sneezing like mad, and i'm having difficulty breathing. whiiiich pretty much matches my roommates sounds of agony.

yesterday found me in the BESTEST mood EVAR, for the entire day, and SO incredibly full of energy and happiness. i really wish a lot of that had transferred over to today, so that i could get a world of good accomplished, instead of having to go to work.

oooh, my aching head.
disco star

Things you may not know about me, mainly for newer people on my friends list...

- i once got paid $100 to do a survey and test drive BEER.

- i'm allergic to metal.

- although i grew up in a very drug filled household, where all drugs were being done around me, in my almost 30 years on this earth, i've only tried alcohol, pot, and ecstasy.

- i went to school to become a carpenter, and i LOVE to build things.

- i was the lead singer in a band called The Vacant Stairs, which also featured scrumbles, littledevi, norsican, and for a short period of time, cheezmuffn... we played one live show at a coffee shop (a train wreck that i still giggle about) and a couple of house parties, and recorded a very shoddy demo.

- i spent 2 years in job corps, in north eastern washington state and minneapolis, minnesota.

- i lived in 6 states within 13 months: washington, oregon, minnesota, virginia, missouri, and arizona. all done when i was 19/20 years old.

- i'm very extremely quiet in person, and am basically termed as 'apathetic' by my friends and roommate.

- i really wish to write my life story one day.

- 3 years ago next month, i was the victim of a drug induced date rape. i haven't dated anyone since.

- although in my teenagehood, my mother taught me to shoplift in order to get school clothes, as an adult, i am probably the most honest person that you've ever met, and would never steal anything from anyone, at any time. i feel guilty even eating food that faetal has bought.

- i'm one half of the loss prevention team at my work. i am a Shrink Guru.

- i'm 5'6 1/2"

- i can't walk in heels.

- i still constantly daydream about being a rockstar.

- i'm becoming obsessed with The Beatles. i must absorb everything they are, was, will be.

- i'm too obsessed with my past, and feel on one hand that it prevents me from moving forward with my future, on the other hand, that i need to face it and come to terms with it before i can become whole.

- other than the very last boyfriend, who was 6'2", my 3 boyfriends before that were shorter than me.

- i've had 2 surgeries in my life: one on my sinuses a couple of years ago (deviated septum), and one on my right hand for carpal tunnel syndrome, when i was 17. yes, seventeen.

- i have very vivid dreams, like freakishly vivid.

- my very best friend in the entire world is my brother, brosely.

- although i rarely talk about it, i'm very deeply spiritual.

- i wear size 7 shoes.

- i have very bad scoliosis.

- i can type 75 wpm.

- i've worked at a wide variety of jobs, including: travel agent, karaoke host, property management, law, warner bros. studio store, toy store, office supply store, fast food, art store, airlines reservationist, gym assistant.
disco star

out of boredom...

i feel better now that i've had a whole half hour nap, though i feel like a horrible hostess, since we have a guest and we're just sitting here, drooling at the tv (though in all fairness, we got to show him his very firstest ever ep of invader zim. he is part of the collective now.)

and because everyone is doing it, an updated version of....

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