February 27th, 2005


Because i miss Jale greatly...

seared by that hidden fire that adultery kept feeding
consumed with longing
feverish with desire
it's now
she said now

opened up the widow inhaled the cold air
let the heavy mass of her hair stream down
to the wind
and as she gazed at the stars she wished she were loved
loved by a prince
time has come she can't go on
it's now or it's the death of her
too much for one lifetime
but not enough for now

she was dead i saw her face
her eyes, they glowed in a guilded cage
too much for one lifetime
her lust for love
was a crime
disco star

The streets are to straight for your video game heart. so why don't you just break some hearts?

freaking song. keeps going. through my head.

it's lucky i like it.

the loss prevention review yesterday went aiight, i'm pretty sure that everyone that i was supposed to train to know things knew what they needed to for their random quizzing. we did get some gigantos mondo dings for stuff we didn't even KNOW was wrong (i.e. putting things in a place to prevent customer theft, but not associate theft....) distrustful bunch, the lot of them.

just started reading Dragons of a Vanished Moon. i've loved most of what Wies/Hickman has done, but this series is one of my favorites (The Death Gate Cycle still being my absolute. favorite. series. of all. time. mmmm, Haplo. *girlish swoon* who can resist an evil fella with a soft underside, completely clad with tattooes?!? No one in their right mind, boy howdee.) i had remembered seeing a brand new book by wies and ... someone... and reading that Mina was in it (one of the main characters in the series i'm currently reading), but i haven't seen it since. in roaming around Barnes and Noble, i guess i looked helpless and extremely confused, because someone practically begged to help me. so i said "um, okay. i'm looking for a book." Miss Professional stares at me blankly. "okay, of COURSE i'm looking for a book. it's...."

okay, i've always been a fantasy nut, but not really wanted to admit that i was, though i'm certainly coming out of my shell about the whole *waves arms* nerdy thing. so i shyly show her the book i have in my hand (the one i am now reading), and say, softly "it's a... *ahem* dragonlance novel... i know wies is one of the authors but know that hickman is not..." "do you know the title?" "...no." "do you know the series it's in?" "....no." "do you know the other author's name?" "nooooooo."

finally, we get to a computer, where she looks it up. she finds the book. now, for a person that's already EXTREMELY shy about asking for help in stores, let alone being a total closet nerd, i was mortified to see Miss Professional (nicely dressed, standing straight, dressed in pastel colors and signifying everything that is Prim, Proper, and Perfect) look at the computer screen and say:

"is it... Amber and Ashes? The DARK DISCIPLE? part one?" i cringe. "yes, i think that's it" i say meekly.

turns out they're out of stock, but i preordered a paperback when they firstest come out in june. i was so awkward about the whole thing that she said "okay, we can order it!" i say "okay!" and left. the poor lady had to chase me down and say "um, i need your name and number?"

silly me. i feel i've come along way since my massively awkward days in high school, but egads, i still have social issues.

now, looking at the cover, it looks like... well, like someone (mina mayhaps?) screaming in agony? over an altar with a dead body on it. well, take a look for yourself.


reminds me of when i was 13 or 14 and my dad said that instead of sending me money, he wanted a list of what i wanted. the only things i wanted that year for Christmas was the newest Testament tape (complete with cowled individuals holding hearts with thorned crowns circling them, the hearts bleeding...) and the first book in the BRAND NEW SERIES by Terry Brooks, "Scions of Shannara", which, yes, has 3? people cowering in fear at a gigantic pit that has souls and skeletons escaping from it, circling around a sinister looking cowled figure.

i'm still convinced to this day that my father was convinced i was going through a little satanic phase....
disco star

ooooooooooooone more post before i rush off to work. *blech*

my favorite quote of the day, where andrea and i were discussing her getting into my computer to purloin my mp3's...

"you see, aubrey, i get to MOUNT you on top of my desktop...."

hilarity ensued.

i hope today is as good at work as yesterday. as i told andrea when i got home, i had what i've conned as a "Very Successful Chandler Day", meaning everything i said was freaking GOLDEN. i had people rolling in the aisles. coworkers would look at me askew as practically every person that left my line left gaffawing. i dazzled people with my ascerbic wit. as a coworker would be talking to a customer about something Very Serious, i would walk behind the customer, dancing like an idiot to Muzak, causing them to nod their head to the customer even more seriously as they tried not to laugh.

i would say that i wished that i had more days like that, but i think after awhile, people would like very much to strangle me and hide the body in the compactor in receiving. "anyone seen aubs?" "aubs? no, she left for lunch, but i haven't seen her since!" *coworkers look at each other behind the boss's back and wink and thumbs up each other*

crap. i should have left 10 min ago, but here i am, still sitting here with INSANE morning hair (i could very well be a distant cousin of Medusa.), no socks, no eyeliner, no sunscreen.