March 10th, 2005

disco star

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get this... unkay? get this.

guess who's coming to play for me in may? yes, me.

okay, fine, the portland metropolitan area.


and tickets? eight freaking bucks.

i'm SO freaking there.

i need to get my dosage of murphy leg kicks in.

my andrew broodiness in.

my pentland-i-hate-aubreyisms in.

my grinny fantasmical jay written songs in.


and this time? i don't have to fly to freaking washington d.c. or spend a weekend in l.a. to do it, because I'M NOT IN ARIZONA.

someone needs to 'splain to that irish boy that although he was arrested for drinking and driving in phoenix, that does NOT mean he can never set foot on desert soil again.
disco star

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i love my new bacci-cons, thanks so much to faetal!!!

yay for days off. we're looking at maybe bbqing... or we were until we discovered that we have nothing TO barbecue... (heeeeeere kittykittykitty! hee hee.)

slept WAY the hell wrong last night, i don't know what i did, but it seems like the more the day goes on, the less i can turn my head and the more my left shoulder cramps up. meh.