March 12th, 2005

disco star

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yay, my hair is finally long enough to put into pigtails!

or is it ponytails?

actually, i don't really think it's either, i think it's more ... well, they look like kickstands, really... something to hold my head up, should i fall backwards. and as odd as it seems, i forgot how almost ... NICE... it feels to have all of my hair yanked completely back.

the webcam is rehooked up and i'll have it on for a short time if you want to come see. just um... make sure to let me know who you are off the bat - i haven't been a good little im'er for awhile, so i may not remember everyone's screen names...

today started out MAHVELOUS, at least, the walk to work was. i was listening to Weezer, Ezra, and some other random stuff and slurping up the sunshine. i'm not much of a sunshine person at ALL, but the weather was absofreakingsmurfly PERFECT. perfect amount of breeze that would gently caress my face without drying out my contacts. not a cloud in the sky. the PERFECT temperature outside, to where you don't need a jacket, but it's not so warm that a brisk walk to work will leave you horridly schweaty and nastay.

but then i got to work and immedately dropped my favoritest sunglasses on the floor and shattered them. with little snuffles, i tossed the pieces in the garbage, telling myself that they're only $3 glasses anyhow... i then went to fix my hair... and immedately dropped my barrette on the floor, where it escaped to under the fridge. GAH! *sob* i then went out onto the floor, where i was informed by several people that they would NEVER shop at officemax again, because they can get everything half price at wal*mart. fine then. go there. and take your freaking monkey kid with you - the ladders are not jungle gyms.

i wish they had adult jungle gyms. i miss mine.

Bottom Sickness is still here, as well as crick in the neck. both are jerks and need to move AWAY. to china, preferably. maybe they can get married there. or mayhaps canada? i think they're both BITCHES, so if they were to wed, they would need to go somewhere that same sex marriages are allowed.