March 15th, 2005

disco star

instant messaging pet peeves... bear with me here...

i rarely im any more because of how irritated i get. the idgits have taken all the joy out of doing something that would be a fantastic way to talk to those people i actually log on to find. yahoo isnt' too bad, because i can go invis, but egads, aim...

(and yes, i'm aware of trillian, but it keeps crashing on my system...)

i don't understand how people, for one, can im you and assume INSTANTLY that you simply must have dropped *every*single*other*thing* you may have been doing prior to their contacting you, and thusly you simply must be talking to them *at*all*times*, and if you lag in your conversation, they barriage you with "hello?"'s and "you there?" and and and... egads, and even the biggest affront, they BUZZ you.

what the...?!!? i'm sorry that i have the attention span of a drunken flea on crack. i get distracted by shiny objects. the television is quite shiny, for one. i may be doing other things, such as actually reading my friends list for once... do not be demanding of me, please. this will only make me avoid you like i avoid shoulder pads.
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disco star

lots of random rambling. i know you like it... LIKE IT!!!

only a few more days til the birfday party!

REMINDER TO THOSE OF YOU THAT CAN FEASIBLY GO: Chroni's. Downtown Vancouver. Main and... 7th? 8th? anyhoo. 930ish? maybe earlier. who knows. iiii'm certainly not driving. email me for details if need be.

belenen provided the muse, without meaning to, for me to pick up my guitar once again. thank you, dear. in reading her, something just clicked and made me realize that i need to do what makes ME feel beautiful, something i know i do well. and while i'll NEVER be a good guitarist by ANY means (i still want to avoid bar chords like i avoid walking into public with my fly down, but sometimes you just can't help it...), but i forgot how wonderful it is to completely lose myself in the sound of the strings blending with my voice.

sadly, i only got through one song before my hand cramped horribly and my non-calloused fingers felt like they would bleed to death, but dagnabbit, i did it. i even fooled around with some chords that may make a wonderful song some day.

my 2nd roommate is the silent one out of the bunch. from noisy to dead silent, the order goes: andrea, myself, joel. (and no, andrea, i'm not saying you're noisy, but when you're home, you're generally buzzing around the house. i envy your energy and enthusiasm, i really do.) although i think that from his schedule, he wouldn't be home, sometimes Ya Just Don't Know. i can almost see him at his desk, wincing at my unused voice and too embarassed to come down stairs, afraid to embarass me for not knowing he was home, and screeching like i was by myself.

that could just be my overactive imagination.

i'm addicted to Sliders and SG-1. i admit it. i must set my vcr to record them every single weekday so that i may watch it when i come home. i always did have a thing for geeky boys.

i hope that the new episodes of Family Guy will be as entertaining as the old ones, not ... sad... like American Dad.

i need to dig my old guitar practicing binder out of ... wherever it's crawled to and make it a point to play through as many of the songs in there as possible, to retrain myself.

i went to work yesterday in a freaking GIGANTIC funk. i hated life. i had had a bad evening the night before, not exactly the best mood setter, topped off with my mother calling me and guilt tripping me about not getting food from my brother she had given him to give to me -again- as well as upset that i can't get the glue sticks that i bought her to her any time soon. she hung up the phone with me, sobbing, right before i left for work. i so didn't want to go. but it provided a great distraction, and i'm thankful i went. I was closing with the people i would prefer to close with most: Mary, Roxana, Rick, Yancey, and Katherine, so i didn't have a single person i couldn't stand there (and there's only two, but they close often.)... Yancey actually cheered me up the mostest, when he said that when he had heard that i was going to be 30, that he VERY seriously thought i was lying, because he would have pegged me at 24 at the VERY oldest. (i usually get pegged from 22 to 26) so that made me feel better, even as my joints, which i can so feel aging, would creak whenever i would climb up a ladder or whatnot...

hee hee, it's funny to listen to "moonfleet beach" by nickel creek, because they were in their teens? somewhere around there.... Chris Thile's voice hadn't quite finished changing yet, so it sounds like a young him. note to self: play it for jess and daniel and andrea.

two songs that are played when we drive somewhere that has everyone in the car singing at the top of their lungs, no matter what combo of people it is: "The Fox" by nickel creek, and "The Christians and the Pagans" by Dar Williams. i can't thank andrea enough for showing me the wonders of dar, and i can't tell you how pleased i am that i brought the joy of The Creek to everyone around me, and all because i had accidentally perused past the country channel when one of their videos were on, and it piqued my interest, and i had to finish watching the video so that i could figure out why they were singing to a WALL.

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