March 16th, 2005

disco star

she dot's her i's with a smiley face, a work of art in all but grace...

i look at my weather pixie, and she says it's blaaaazing sunshine out there, 54 degrees. i look out the window and i see gloomy overcast.

thusly, it is my belief that the Weather Pixie had a biiiit too much to drink last night, and thusly thinks that any light is as blazing as broad sunlight.


Amazing Stories is like the silliest show EVAR. this one has an episode with Chunk from the Goonies in it, as a catcher in a ball team. but he's just the sidekick. this little kid with creepily blonde hair is the main character. ... oh MY, the opening sequence is hilarious, i'm sure that they used CUTTING EDGE technology to make those animations, probably on a computer larger than my Great Aunt Bertha.

Bertha Bo Buglefart.

Martha Mae Malnutrition?

just so you know.

one more day of work and then i get A SIX DAY WEEKEND! okay, i know i keep pounding that fact into the ground, and i know that the six days will be over before i realize it, most likely with absolutely nothing accomplished. i should be shot. i mean REALLY.

i'm full of crap today. literally.

just so you know.

oooooodddd freaking dreams last night, ones that caused me to toss and turn and be on the verge of tears, like my brother coming up to me and sobbing and saying "aubrey, how is one supposed to deal with bereavement?" and KNOWING it was my mother he was talking about... i remember loving a little mouse, and then tossing it to hungry cats and laughing evilly a bit, turning my back on the mouse's plight. there's always other vermin in the fields, i said. there was a conglomeration to other weird random situations like that, none lasting more than a few moments at best, but i can't remember them. i only woke to have the stressed emotions swimming around inside.

i blame the Twizzlers i ate last night.

just so you know.
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disco star

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oh. my. HELL.

history has a way of repeating itself, but egads, i find this creepy.

i had known that i had gone to bed after eating twizzlers sometime last year with an upset tummy and had gut-wrenching dreams.

what i HADN'T realized, was that it had happened EXACTLY one year TO THE DAY.

*flips a switch to play Twilight Zone music*

what i find farking high-larious is that i ate almost no twizzlers whatsoever in the entire YEAR in between. i had a massive craving last night.


who knew?

apparantly March 15th is honorary Eat Twizzlers Until You Spew Day for me or something.