March 25th, 2005

bacci tongue

in a hot pink house with a burgundy door, cigarette butts all over the floor...

in lieu of the recent finding of the finger in the wendy's chili, i wanted to 'splain to you folks more reasons why you should not eat at wendy's.

feel free to add your own horror stories.

unless, of course, you WORK at wendy's, in which case i have full faith that whatever chain you work at is fantastic and overbrimming with spectacular customer service (hell, i worked at one for a year. doesn't mean it was overbrimming with anything but indifference, but hey. i was 17, it was one of my first real jobs. i had no idea what customer service WAS, let alone why it was important. come into officemax now? yeah. i'll make you feel like i was expecting you and have anticipated your every need, and will be full of information at the touch of a button. but to my old wendy's customers? sorry.)

my stories:

i used to LOVE wendy's, until the chain next to where i work did two horrid things:

they showed annoyance rather than shock at my friend pattie finding a hair that was OBVIOUSLY not hers... gigantic and black (she's blonde) in her salad, and refusing to do anything to correct it, all with complete attitude (both the worker and the manager)..

i was willing to forgive this occurance one night when we were all hungry and everything else was closed, so we went through the drive-thru. they didn't put the lid on the small chili, so poor daniel ended up with chili (that wasn't even hot enough to melt the cheese, thankfully) all over the interior of his car in the front seat, as well as all over his lap, his shirt, etc. when we called, they basically said in a huff 'well, why on earth are you calling us? did you get hurt? no? okay, then, so?'
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