April 4th, 2005

disco star

case of the stargate, the printers, ezra, and everquest mergers!

weird dreams last night, which combined better than ezra, the team from SG-1, and a she-male in 4th of july celebrations. i remember doing handstands on a stairwell banister in hopes that kevin griffin would notice me (he didn't). i remember that i was headed somewhere to go have fun, or attempt to, when i got a page from Jack O'Neal, who wanted to inform me that i needed to sign something that said that he had dealt with the stackouts of the HP 1315 printers, in case someone needed them later. i floated around the base (it was a floating city) trying to find something to do. there were festivities all around me, but i didn't feel as if i belonged or was wanted anywhere, so i lay in a bed of flowers and talked to a transvestite on a hill that was dancing around a flag pole flying the american flag. (s)he said "honey? you've got to MAKE your own fun. go where you feel most comfortable, and screw the masses!" (as in fuck them all, not sleep with them all...) so i went and found a quiet area overlooking the ocean and lost myself in the beauty of the sun dancing off of the waves. daniel jackson came and sat next to me, telling me he didn't feel comfy in all that ruckus, either. we talked. he suddenly turned to me and said 'can i kiss you?' right as my alarm went off.

silliness. that's what i get for watching sg-1 before bed.

still reading r.a. salvatore. it's finally getting good.

called in sick today, although i have a bit more movement back. i'm fine if i'm laying down or leaning back in a chair, excrutiating if i'm standing up or leaning forward. i called in and talked to Store Manager Rick, saying "just to inform you, i'm going to be at home and on drugs today."

silly gravity.

played EverQuest for the first time in forever yesterday. big honking server merger coming up. it makes me quite sad to know that the two main servers i created my eq life on will be no longer (veeshan and tarew marr... *sniffle*) it will be nice to have more of a population on the servers again, but since i solo all the damn time with my beastlass, it will suck to not be able to go to a random zone and kill anything i want to, without worrying about infringing upon someone else's mobs (i'm constantly paranoid i'm doing so, and get very upset when it happens to me...) my guild has made a couple of delete-able toons and poked their head into the Drinal server (where we're going), and i guess there's a ton of people that are pretty much proclaiming very vocally that we're not wanted. also, there are a ton of people making toons and trying to get people to leave their guilds and join up with the tarew marr guilds when the merger is complete, thusly pissing even more people off.


not like we're heading there on PURPOSE.

i wasn't going to renew my account for awhile, but a) didn't want to miss the merger, and b) really want the experience potion for htom.

for you other everquestrians out there, which server are you on, and are you being effected by the merger? (i hear that stromm is the only one that will stay the same, that all the rest are merging together...)

and thanks to seth macfarlane, i can never EVER hear the x-files theme again without thinking of peter griffin.
disco star

yes, i'm THAT bored....

stolen from see_anotherside...

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